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All Nutcrackers made by Seiffener Volkskunst

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Seiffener Volkskunst

# Nutcracker Seiffener Volkskunst

About 130 different nutcrackers have already been produced by Seiffener Volkskunst eG. The high-quality wooden figures are sold all over the world. The fame of the Seiffener Volkskunst nutcrackers goes so far that they served as a model for stamp motifs worldwide and even inspired Walt Disney film studios in the design of nutcrackers. The nutcrackers of the Erzgebirge manufacturer differ in motifs, characters and expressions. Traditional and historical figures such as kings, hussars, guardsmen, Saxon miners, drummers and trumpeters are among the most popular nutcrackers made by the manufacturer in Seiffen.

The fascinating nutcrackers from Seiffener Volkskunst are excellent as Christmas decorations or special gifts for friends abroad. Due to the rare, old motifs and the newly added variants, the original Erzgebirge wooden figures from Seiffener Volkskunst are also extremely attractive for collectors.

Nutcrackers made of wood are primarily intended as a decorative element. Only nutcrackers with a size of over 50 cm are able to crack walnuts.

History of the nutcracker.

The production of nutcrackers originates from a long tradition - nutcracking from an even longer history. Nuts were already cracked in the times of hunter-gatherers, as this natural food was an important source of nutrition. According to the writings of Aristotle from the 4th century BC, the first nutcrackers with two lever arms were invented in ancient times. The final boom of nutcrackers started in the 18th century by the artistically carved figures from Val Gardena and in Oberammergau. According to tradition, the first prototype of the nutcracker from the Ore Mountains was made over 140 years ago. Since 1900, the wooden figures were increasingly found in children's rooms and on the gift table. In the meantime, the nutcracker, which used to be more of a child's toy and an object of everyday use, has established itself as a high-quality festive decoration, the erection of which is not only a firm part of the Erzgebirge Christmas tradition.

Have you ever wondered why these special wooden figures always look so martial? This also has a historical component. The typical grim facial expression is based on the authorities of the time. Both Bismarck and Napoleon after the Battle of the Nations were depicted as nutcracker motifs. But the nutcracker is not only interesting from a historical point of view, because it is also represented in the field of art and literature. Surely you know E.T.A. Hoffman's Christmas fairy tale "Nutcracker and Mouse King" or the popular ballet "The Nutcracker" by Peter Tchaikovsky.

Nutcracker classical & modern.

Among the nutcrackers from Seiffener Volkskunst you will find both traditional-classic motifs and more unusual, modern designs. Real classics are certainly the "King" and the former DDR nutcracker, today known as the red "Hussar". The majestic king with crown, scepter and the typical grim nutcracker look is the most popular motif from Seiffener Volkskunst. This one is available for purchase in all possible color variations and sizes. Among the nutcrackers in a more modern style is, for example, the "Festbayer" with a gray felt hat, a beer mug in his hand and a gingerbread heart around his neck.

Seiffener Volkskunst nutcrackers are available for purchase in both natural and colored finishes. The production of each of these special figures is done with great effort, because it takes about 150 steps with over 30 individual parts to the finished product. The nutcrackers are made of local woods such as lime, beech, alder or ash. From small 20 centimeter men to large nutcrackers with a height of one meter, everything is represented.

About Seiffener Volkskunst eG

Since 1958, Seiffener Volkskunst eG has been producing the world-famous wooden nutcracker figures. In DDR times, the company became increasingly famous with the production of these special wooden figures. As in those days, the nutcrackers are still turned, painted and assembled by real hand. As a member of the Association of Erzgebirge Craftsmen and Toy Manufacturers, 1A product quality is a prerequisite for the work of Seiffener Volkskunst. This high standard has already brought the company several awards and prizes for special collections. In traditional handicraft, everything the heart desires in Christmas decoration is still produced there: nutcrackers, pyramids, incense smokers, handicraft items, lighting, miniatures and figurines. For spring, Seiffener Volkskunst also has Easter decorations in its assortment ready for you. The Erzgebirge manufacturer is happy to invite customers to its Seiffen store with show workshop, where you can look over the shoulders of the qualified employees at work. Despite the high amount of work in the production, new nutcracker motifs are always developed in old-fashioned quality.

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Show 1 to 50 (of in total 94 products)
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