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Pyramids Blank

Blank Kunsthandwerk is one of the most famous manufacturers from the Erzgebirge with its original folded skirt angels. Blank has become known worldwide for its angel figurines, whose pressing technique during production is subject to its own patent. Blank's Christmas pyramids are also decorated with the beautiful folded skirt angels and have become popular due to their unique design. Another highlight are the glass bells on Blank pyramids, which could attract a whole heavenly crowd with their sweet sound. Blank fills its assortment with all sorts of Christmas items, Easter items, decorations for the whole year and, of course, the world-famous wrinkled skirt angels.

Christmas pyramids from Blank.

These pyramids are truly a gift from heaven! A joy of the Blank Christmas pyramids have especially lovers of the pleated skirt angels, because these filigree figures are also on the Christmas pyramids. Blank adds decorative highlights around the pyramid axis with glass bells, hovering angels and chip trees and lets yellow stars shine on the arch. High-quality varnishes and paints are used to paint the pyramids.

The sensitive impeller and the axis connected to it are set in motion by the rising heat of the candle flames. With the floating angel figures below the impeller, the gentle revolutions almost seem like a heavenly wind. In Blank's pyramids, this "heavenly wind" comes from either pyramid candles or tea lights, depending on the model. The quality candles from JEKA Ebersbacher are the right choice for this additional purchase.

Blank cathedral pyramids with angels making music.

The 2-story cathedral pyramids are a real eye-catcher among Blank's Christmas pyramids due to their dome- and column-like structure and the floating angels. Music-making wrinkled skirt angels decorate the pyramid's turntables with their instruments and filigree figure. In addition, small hovering angels are mounted on a plate on the axis, which seem to carry melodies into Christmas Eve with their trombones. Additional blank angels from your own collection can also be placed on the upper columns of the pyramid.

The cathedral pyramids with the nine angels playing music are available in natural colors as well as in a colored version. The dimensions for the pyramids with the dome and the columns are 30×55 cm.

Blank pyramids with glass bells.

The most unique and probably best known Christmas pyramids from Blank are the glass bell pyramids. Four glass bells are suspended in the center of the arch and are located directly above a flock of angels. A small wooden pin on the axle, when turned, sets the clappers of the bells in motion, making them ring. The famous wrinkled skirt angels decorate the rotating plates of the pyramid and enchant their viewers to the delicate sound of the glass bells. A flock of angels circles around the central column below the winged wheel, supporting with their trombone playing the singing and music-making companions further below.

The 1-tiered bell pyramids with pleated long-skirted angels made of natural wood are available in the dimensions 38×28 cm. You can choose between pyramids with tea lights or pyramid candles in the different models. The pyramids are available in both natural and colored.

About Blank Arts and Crafts.

Georg Beyer is the creator of the popular wrinkled skirt angels and the founder of the long-standing company and family tradition. He learned the woodturning craft not in Seiffen, but in idyllic Grünhainichen. Since he worked as a factory manager after his apprenticeship, he was able to acquire the necessary know-how for designing his own wooden works of art by working with well-known designers. Beyer was also a technician in the production of tools for a barrel lathe, which is still used today for the serial production of turned parts in Erzgebirge folk art. Nevertheless, he probably gained greater fame through his angels with the short and long pleated skirts, which are considered collector's items all over the world. For several generations, the Erzgebirge family business Blank from Grünhainichen has been run with a deep attachment to the local tradition and the seal of quality "Echt Erzgebirge - Holzkunst mit Herz". The annual new releases delight lovers and collectors of angel figurines from all over the world. Meanwhile, the company is in the good and skilled hands of Beyer's grandson Gerd and Uwe Blank.
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Show 1 to 3 (of in total 3 products)
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