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Armin Braun

Incense Smokers by Armin Braun

The smoking pipes in the mouths of the Erzgebirge smokers belongs to the Christmas season like the decorated tree on Christmas Eve. The family business Armin Braun dedicates itself in a very special way to the task of bringing the tradition-steeped smokers into homes all around the world. The loving craftmanship as well as the consideration of the customer's wishes has produced very individual "Raachermannl" (smokers) and unique product lines from the workshop in Neuhausen. Detailed replicas and modern concepts can be found in the product line "innkeepers", historical and Erzgebirge smokers, as well as television stars and other professions as smokers made by by Armin Braun.

Well-known smokers from Neuhausen

The smokers by Armin Braun are designed in a variety of historical, cinematic but also modern motifs. The emphasis is on the detailed and individual reproduction of well-known personalities and occupational images. The woods of Armin Braun are turned, carved and often provided with high-quality textile accessories, resulting in celebrities like "Charlie Chaplin", but also normal people in the form of innkeepers, roofers, firemen and the girl with delicious "stollen".

Armin Braun does not even shy away from detectives and crooks either, so that one has already seen "Sherlock Holmes", his assistant "Watson" and the members of the Olsen Gang chasing out of the workshop. Historical figures such as "August the Strong", his mistress "Grän Cosel" or the "Nun Hildegard von Bingen", on the other hand, allow us to immerse ourselves in a piece of history.

Incense cones

As the most important accessory of Ore Mountain smokers, the purchase of incense cones should not be neglected. If you are in possession of Armin Braun's "Dresden Chocolate Girl", then no scent could be more appropriate than "Chocolate" from Knox incense cones. The chocolate girl is a very special model, as the smoke is conducted over the arm and out of the cup. Furthermore, in our assortment you will find a variety of other scents for your Armin Braun smokers.

The vision

The guidelines of Armin Braun are individuality, exclusivity and perfection of form. The individual appearance stems from the handwork in which Armin Braun's smokers are painted and thus have nothing in common with mass production. In addition, communication with his customers is important for Armin Braun.

To consider individual customer wishes is a personal concern of the Ore Mountain manufacturer. The "Innkeeper" product line, for example, was created in direct cooperation with Freiberger brewery Brauhaus AG. Armin Braun is not afraid to modify and adapt the design to customer wishes. Thus, the Gastwirt series was also adapted to the Radeberger Brewery and is now available in more than 10 different motifs.

To create unique products, the family business has set itself the goal of combining traditional craftsmanship with modern elements. This requires not only manual skill but also creativity, in order to expore new paths again and again. In this way, Armin Braun succeeds in developing perfectly shaped figures with unprecedented motifs.

Family business Armin Braun

Armin Braun's unique incense figures are made at the foot of the Schwartenberg mountain in Neuhausen. The craft is in the blood of the Braun family. Since the mid-1970s, Hilde and Alfred Braun had been working part-time in the craft industry until they started producing smoking figures in the 1980s. From that point on, the small family business moved closer and closer to the vision for which their smokers are known today.

While in the beginning the focus was on classic Ore Mountain motifs such as forest workers and foresters, smoking figures from a wide variety of fields such as history, the professional world as well as film and television are now represented. Son Armin Braun is an experienced wood turner and wooden toy maker due to his early contact with traditional crafts. Since 1999, he has been responsible full-time for the development, production and distribution of his wooden articles. The family business focuses primarily on the production of incense figures, benefiting from the company's many years of experience. With the motif of the "Dresden Chocolate Girl" as a pioneer, a new product line was designed in 2008. Since then, incense smokers and incense smokers dressed in high-quality textiles have been added to the range.

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Show 1 to 5 (of in total 5 products)
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