3-Tier Pyramid - Nativity Scene - Natural Wood - 38 cm / 15 inch

Christmas-Pyramids 3-tier Pyramids 3-Tier Pyramid - Nativity Scene - Natural Wood - 38 cm / 15 inch
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Richard Glässer
Model: 005-13-721
★★★★★ 7
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Made by Richard Glässer
Model: 005-13-721
★★★★★ 7
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Product Information - 3-Tier Pyramid - Nativity Scene - Natural Wood

This Christmas Pyramid is a product made by Richard Glässer Seiffen. The impeller is turned by candle heat. More than 70 years of experience make Glaesser Christmas Pyramids complete masterpieces.

Generall inforamtion on Christmas pyramids made by the Richard Glässer company:

The shape of the Christmas pyramids was originally based on a simple engine once used in mining to move ore to the surface.
The rising heat of the candles pushes the vanes on the impeller wheel, causing the Christmas pyramid to rotate. The atmospheric shadows created by candlelight create a magical ambience heralding the arrival of Christmas, uniquely underlining the contemplative atmosphere of the Yuletide season.

With Christmas pyramids having been around for so long, they are truly the centrepiece of Advent traditions in the Ore Mountains and all over Germany.
The small hand-turned figures tell the story of the birth of the infant Jesus and the homage of the Three Wise Men.

The following types of pyramids are available from the Glässer workshop:
Miniature pyramids (about 10cm/4" tall) are not used with candles. Instead they are rotated by some other heat source (e.g. a radiator).
Table pyramids have one or two levels and range in height from 19-40 cm (71/2"-151/2").

Typical examples from Glässer include Christmas pyramids with an arch representing the sky and with either a natural wood finish or painted (blue or white).
Nightlight Christmas pyramids Table pyramids designed for use with nightlights; enhanced by the stable positioning of the candles and the unrestricted view of the central section.

Strut pyramids have a triangular or square cross section. The central part is supported by the external struts. 'These pyramids usually have three or four levels and range in height from 23-200 cm (9"-6'61/2").
Step pyrarnids are hexagonal or octagonal and range in height from 32-200 cm (121/2"-6'61/2"). They contain between one and six levels/tiers. The wooden figures in the Nativity scenes either have a natural wood finish or are painted and come in the heights 5, 7,12 and 15 cm (2, 3, 41/2 and 6").

House Christmas pyramids have a shape based on a typical house in the Ore Mountains, including with a pointed roof (so that the snow can slide off in winter).
The best-known model is the Advent house depicting the birth of the infant Jesus in a house in the Ore Mountains. Four separate doors can be opened in Advent.One special category of house pyramid is modelled on the shape of the church in Seifen.
Large Christmas pyramids can have a musical mechanism installed in the base.

Electrically powered pyramids Apart from the traditional candle-powered Christmas pyramids, some of the table, strut, step and house pyramids are rotated and lit with electricity. Due to the absence of naked flames, they provide an alternative for displays and unattended Operation for young and old alike as they can be left on all the time.

All pyramids are checked at the factory to make sure they are in good working order. They are accompanied by instructions in a choice of languages and safety tips. Never leave pyramids powered by candles unattended.

This is important about Christmas Pyramids:
At the core of the candle-powered pyramid is the glass bearing. Please handle it with care (see the instructions). Replacement bearings are available from Glässer in case they break. Moreover, replacement candleholders, vanes, fences and hubs are also available. Only use pyramid candles of the right size to ensure they are stable. Glässer provides white, red and honey-coloured candles suitable for holders measuring 10, 14, 17 and 20mm. Keep the box so that you can store the Christmas pyramid in it once Christmas is over. Replace the cardboard beneath the disc in order to protect the glass bearing.

Product information

Manufacturer Richard Glässer
Basic material Wood
Tiers 3
Place of manufacture Seiffen/Erzgebirge
Measurements and weight
Height 38,0 cm/15.0 inch
Candle type Pyramid candles Ø17 mm/0.66 inches Buy now
Candle count 6

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7 Reviews

★★★★★Die Pyramide hat uns super gut gefallen.
, January 2021
★★★★★Beautiful detail and well made. One pyramid is very touchy. It easily turns when manually turned, but it struggles to turn when the candles are lit.
, December 2018
★★★★★Hervorragend verarbeitet
, December 2017
★★★★★ Arrived when expected, in perfect condition. Will definitely recommend you to friends and family.
, November 2017
★★★★★Einfach top! Made in Germany lohnt sich eben.
, October 2017
★★★★★Alles bestens
, June 2017
★★★★★beautiful, can't wait to add more to my collection. Brought back many good memories from 40 tears ago
, May 2017

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