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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Herrnhuter Stars

Which star is the most traditional one?
The original colors are red and white. Red symbolizes the blood of Christ, while white stands for his pureness and glory. The original stars had been made of paper.
Which stars are suitable for outdoor use?
Principally the material used for the synthetic stars is suitable to stand outdoor conditions. Of all synthetic stars, the ones with 40cm, 70cm and 130cm diameter (029-00-A4, 029-00-A7 and 029-00-A13) and the star chain (029-00-A1S) can be mounted in an outdoor area. The small synthetic stars with 13cm and 8cm diameter (029-00-A1B, 029-00-A1E, 029-00-A08) cannot be placed outside, as their electric equipment is designed for indoor use only.
What equipment do the stars come with?
Every star comes with everything that is needed to mount the star: the folded points, brass fasteners or screws and an assembly instruction. The technical equipment varies from star to star and is listed in the specific product information.
Can the star be ordered completely assembled?
No, except for the assembled synthetic stars of 13cm (029-00-A1E) and 8cm (029-00-A08), all stars are sold as assembly kits and need to be put together. The detailed assembly instruction guides you through the mounting process step by step.
Can the star be hung up directly on the cable?
This is possible, still we recommend to support the star by an additional string attached to the ceiling.
Are the cables available in different colors?
There are but two colors: white for indoors, black for outdoors.
Can the stars be painted?
No, this is not recommended.
Can the plugs be used abroad?
The plugs are Schuko plugs, which suit the EU voltage system. They can be used in the USA when combined with our voltage converter.
What purpose does the storage box serve?
This box is a special construction for the storing of stars that are already completely assembled. This way you don't have to take your star apart again but can store it safely as a whole until the next season.
Is the storage box available for all star sizes?
There are no storage boxes for the big stars of 80cm and 130cm (029-00-A13 and 029-00-I8) nor for the smallest stars of 13cm (029-00-A1E and 029-00-A1B). For all sizes in between storage boxes are available. The small star 029-00-A1E can also be stored in the box it ships with.
How long are the cables?
This depends on the star version. Indoor cables usually are 4m long, while outdoor cables are of 5m or 10m length (10m only for the 029-00-A13). The cable for the small stars' power supplies are 1,5m long, and gets connected to the 3m cable of the star itself.
Which lamps are suitable for the stars?
According to their size, the stars have different lamp sockets. The specific product information of each star shows which kind of bulb is required.
For which stars can the wall mount be used?
There are two different wall mounts: One for the synthetic stars of 40cm and 70cm diameter (029-00-A4 and 029-00-A7) and another one for the big synthetic star of 130cm (029-00-A13).
What equipment is needed for the small stars of 13cm (029-00-A1E and 029-00-A1B) and 8cm diameter (029-99-A08)?
For these stars an additional power supply (6V, 500mA) is needed, which you get from our shop as well. The stars themselves come with a lighting set incl. cable, light bulb and mini plug.
What equipment is needed for the synthetic stars of 40cm and 70cm diameter (029-00-A4 and 029-00-A7)?
For these stars a separate lighting kit is required. Fitting cables of 5m or 10m length are listed beneath the product information and can be ordered. These cables come with a halogen light bulb. You find different kinds of bulbs, like LED or energy saving bulbs in our shop as well.
What equipment is needed for the big synthetic stars with 130cm diameter (029-00-A13)?
For these stars you need a compatible cable (10m length) and a compatible light bulb. You can order both at our shop.
What equipment is needed for the paper stars 40cm to 80cm diameter (029-00-I4 to 029-00-I8)?
For these stars a compatible indoor cable is needed (4m, white). This cable comes with a bulb with E14 socket. We also sell replacement bulbs separately.
What equipment is needed for the star chain (029-00-A1S)?
The star chain is ready for use and does not need any additional accessories. Of course we offer replacement light bulbs and other replacement parts.
What is the difference between the colors white and opal?
The synthetic used for the stars is originally colorless, before the color is added to the material. For the white star, more white color is used, so the star has a deeper, more opaque white. For the opal star, less white color is used, with the effect that the opal star is more transparent and therefor shines brighter when lighted. So if you want a lighted star that shines with maximum brightness, opal will be the right choice. If you are rather looking for a white star that looks great even from afar, due to its excellently recognizable contours we recommend a white star.
What is the special edition?
Every year Herrnhuter releases a small star (13cm diameter, A1E) in a new color, that is exclusively available during that year. These colors have been released:
  • 2015: violett
  • 2016: orange
  • 2017: turquois
  • 2018: magenta
  • 2019: lemon
  • 2020: mint
  • 2021: pink
  • 2022: silver glitter
What is the miniature star?
The miniature star is the currently smallest star from Herrnhuter.

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