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Nativity figurines Theo Lorenz

The well-established family business Theo Lorenz embraces the rich diversity of Seiffen folk art and actively contributes to its preservation through their exquisite products. Trademark of the Erzgebirge family workshop are nativity figures characterized by clear wooden contours, available in both modern and traditional designs, in natural or glazed warm autumn hues.

The figurines suitable as a stand-alone decoration or as an ornament on pyramids or other platforms, exuding a sense of solemnity. Additionally, our assortment proudly includes the beloved candle arches and Christmas pyramids crafted by Theo Lorenz. And, of course, these objects wouldn't be complete either without the iconic Nativity set featuring the Holy Family.

Theo Lorenz nativity scenes

The nativity sets created by Theo Lorenz are enchanting in their effortless naturalness. They are adorned with various shades of light and dark wood, which add a touch of realism to the scenes. These natural contrasts prevent the nativity scene from appearing flat or one-dimensional. A nice piece is the Nativity miniature "grotto", where the Holy Family is beautifully depicted around the cradle.. Hovering above Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus is the radiant Star of Bethlehem.

You can also chose the nativity with candle holder, with the nativity figurines painted in gentle, soft colors. These subtly colored figures bring an understated liveliness to the overall nativity scene. The figures are mounted on a wooden plate, in which a notch for the tea light has been let in. Thus, with the lighting of the candle at nightfall, a soft, peaceful glow falls on the Holy Family.

Theo Lorenz Nativity figurine set

The large Nativity figurine sets are perfect for adorning bare Christmas pyramids. Specifically, the 23-piece figurine set is ideal for decorating a three-tier pyramid. These exquisite nativity figures are enhanced by their colored glaze. The wood's natural grain remains visible beneath the glaze, and the nativity figures' subtle shades create a visually pleasing harmony.

When it comes to Theo Lorenz's Nativity sets, great care is taken to ensure that all the figures fit seamlessly onto a three-tier Christmas pyramid without appearing cluttered. The bottom level is occupied by the Holy Family, shepherds, and cattle, while the limited space on the third level is reserved for a single shepherd and three sheep. In between, the Magi make their grand entrance with their camels. Additionally, the handcrafted palm trees on the first two levels seamlessly blend into the scenery. The nativity figures are approximately 3.54 inches in size.

Material of the forest

The nativity figures are meticulously crafted using locally sourced wood from the enchanting woods of the region. Embracing the rich heritage of Erzgebirge nativities, the skilled hands of Theo Lorenz bring these models to life by expertly turning them in the traditional manner. Each figure is then lovingly brushed with a colorless varnish, allowing the stunning natural shades and grain of the wood to shine through. For an added touch of warmth, some figures are beautifully glazed in gentle, inviting hues, further enhancing their natural allure. The result is a collection of nativity figures that not only honors tradition, but also captures the essence of nature's beauty.

Arts and crafts Theo Lorenz

Nestled in the heart of Seiffen, the artisan workshop of Theo Lorenz demonstrates a deep love for craftsmanship and professionalism in every piece they create. Manufacturing in small batches ensures the highest quality, as each item receives meticulous attention and dedicated craftsmanship. Wood, being the soul of Erzgebirge folk art, has been the primary raw material for the Lorenz family for over a century.

The long-standing experience and profound passion for the forest's yield are always discernible in the products of Theo Lorenz. They produce items in a range of sizes and variations. The Lorenz workshop not only creates nativity scenes complete with figurines, but also Christmas pyramids, candle arches, tree ornaments, music boxes, and various miniatures. This diverse catalogue of offerings ensures that there's something for every lover of traditional craftsmanship at the Theo Lorenz manufactory.

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