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Seiffener Volkskunst Smoking Ball Figurines

In the workshop of Seiffener Volkskunst in Seiffen, the Smoking Ball Figures are given their unique round form. These lovingly crafted incense smoker figurines serve as year-round decorations, featuring a variety of motifs that bring joy to collectors of Erzgebirge wooden art. There's something to suit every taste, as new collections of ball figures are constantly added to the SVK assortment. It's truly a delightful affair!

Smokers in Ball-Shaped Form

Sometimes, all it takes is a turned wooden ball and a creative idea. This is the magical essence behind the collection of ball figure smokers from Seiffener Volkskunst, a tradition that has been captivating hearts for approximately two decades and shows no sign of slowing down. These ball-shaped figurines with their whimsical design are made of wood and hand-painted in vibrant colors. Under the skilled guidance of Diplom Engineer Karsten Braune, the visionary behind these enchanting smokers, with whom SVK has maintained a close collaboration since the beginning of their partnership in 2001, the collection continues to grow with each passing year. The artisan has received multiple awards, including the "Tradition und Form" Design Prize.

The contented grinning snowmen of the Cool Man series, fragrant dwarfs, a dragon family, and many other animal species, hobby and occupation types, as well as "typically German" figures can be found in our selection. The figurines come in various sizes, ranging from approximately 3.54 inches to 7.87 inches. Seiffener Volkskunst's ball figures are also available as funny nutcrackers.

You can make your Seiffen ball-shaped smokers emit fragrant smoke with the incense cones from the brands Crottendorfer, Knox, Huss, and Bockauer from our assortment.

Cool Man

What could be more suitable for the shape of a ball than a snowman" The cheeky faces of the Cool Man snowmen create a cheerful winter atmosphere. These humorous fellows can be seen engaged in various activities while riding on different vehicles, such as skis, a Trabant car, a carriage, a bicycle, a tandem, and a motorcycle, all with their bright red pointy nose. The Cool Men are always wearing cute pom-pom hats. Whether they're totally in love with little hearts or looking cool with sunglasses, whether painted in white or natural colors, these cool men always smile at you in a heartwarming way.

Fragrant Dwarfs

A very special idea from Seiffener Volkskunst is the Fragrant Dwarfs. The vertically standing pointed hats of these rustic gnomes emit scents of lavender, thyme, or coffee without the need for incense cones. In addition to the aromatic hat, you can also use regular incense cones with the Fragrant Dwarfs. Let the soothing and pleasant aromas of these dwarfs, dressed to match, envelop you.

Dragon Family

The smoking dragons from Seiffener Volkskunst may not breathe fire, but they happily emit smoke as they go about their business. Grandparents, mom, dad, teenage and little junior dragons, as well as mom's little darling, each display different facial expressions and wing postures to show their current mood. When you take a closer look at the various dragon characters, you'll quickly realize that they represent an authentic family, with each one contributing to the charming clan with their unique characteristics.

Hobby and Profession Types

The hobby types and ball figures embodying a profession from SVK showcase their colorful clothing and creative accessories, revealing their favorite pastimes and how they earn their livelihood. Even female smokers appear as doctors, gardeners, and cheerful grandmothers, painted with numerous details and sporting the typical ball smoker's smile. Their male counterparts, as cooks, DIY enthusiasts, and miners, are equally friendly-looking. Here, you'll find the perfect smoker for any activity.

German Types

A typically German smoker apparently hails from Thuringia, Bavaria, or a water barrel. This series playfully embraces world-famous stereotypes. The well-fed Germans from SVK are depicted with a beer mug in hand, serving Thuringian dumplings, or relaxing with their feet up and exposed bellies in a small pool. You can bring the traditional Oktoberfest atmosphere home with the Bavarian wearing lederhosen and the waitress donning a dirndl.

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