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Seiffener Volkskunst The Tall Ones

The incense smokers "The Tall Ones" from Seiffener Volkskunst, with their size of about 11.8 inches, always keep an overview. Combined with a slender body, the smokers appear confident and graceful in their mostly traditional professions. Not only are the figures themselves large, but their popularity among customers and design critics is also substantial. The smoker series "The Tall Ones" from SVK won the Tradition & Form award in 2005.

Large Smokers

The tall companions from the Ore Mountains are expertly crafted with a sleek and flattened profile. Their angular and elongated bodies exude an urban sophistication, and gives the figures a timeless charm. Despite their unusual shape, the "Tall Ones" are equipped with the attributes of a classic smoker. The confident posture of the elegant men is reflected in the motifs of the gentleman, the general postmaster, the captain, the architect, and other honorable professions.

The Station Master is dressed in a traditional blue uniform, white trousers, and a red cap. Of course, he must have a pipe and a paddle to signal departures to the locomotive drivers. He also wears a lantern around his neck. The smoker could have stood at Seiffen station in earlier times, overseeing the traffic and hustle and bustle. The Station Master figure fits perfectly into a railway landscape that can be designed with the KWO railway decoration range.

The Tall Chief Forester proudly wears his green coat and the similarly colored forester hat. A deer antler, a symbol of his profession, is attached to the headgear. With a rifle over his shoulder, a leather bag tied around, and a pipe in hand, he goes on a patrol through the forest. At 31 cm, he has a firm view of the activities in the undergrowth.

The smoker Gentleman is smartly on his way. With a walking stick in hand, it's easier to stroll, and this accessory fits perfectly into the image of a real nobleman. The red umbrella protects the tall man with the distinguished complexion from the sun or can be offered to a lady in the style of a gentleman for protection during a sudden storm.

Incense Cones

Let your tall smoker emit pleasant scents with the incense cones of the brands Huss, Crottendorfer, Knox, and Bockauer from our Ore Mountain Palace. As a decoration for the whole year, not only Christmas scents are available, but also fruity, floral, and spicy scent nuances.

About Seiffener Volkskunst eG

The cooperative Seiffener Volkskunst was founded in 1958 in the toy village of Seiffen, in the Eastrn part of Germany. Before the political change in 1989, it was very difficult to acquire Ore Mountain folk art in Seiffen and the people sometimes had to endure long waiting times. This was because most of the products were exported to bring foreign currency into the country. Back then, long queues formed on the Advent weekends when Ore Mountain wooden art was sold in the Seiffener Volkskunst show workshop.

While procuring the wooden art products is now much simpler, the enthusiasm for the original Ore Mountain products remains. The Seiffener Volkskunst eG range is constantly expanded with new nutcrackers, pyramids, chip trees, and smokers. The craftsmen of the cooperative combine traditional craft techniques with new design forms. Their artisans, some of whom have been with the cooperative for decades, bring a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail. From the jovial ball smokers to the more modern Cool Man series, and not forgetting the statuesque "Tall Ones", Seiffener Volkskunst has brought ti life numerous series with fresh, characteristic figure designs.

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