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Christmas AngelsHeavenly Messenger From The Erzgebirge

Authentic german Christmas Angels

Angels have fascinated people at all times. They serve as the tie between God and the people. Angels proclaim the words of God and are positioned between God and the people.

The Erzgebirge workshops have created many different collectors series. An Erzgebirge Angel-Series is a masterpiece in detail and beauty. Once you have picked your favourite series don?t forget to choose the matching Angels-Cloud.

100 % handmade - 100% quality made in Germany

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In our category Christmas angels you will find practical buttons/banners, which allow you to facilitate your search and easily find christmas angels according to your wishes. All the angels in the traditional category "Angel and Miner" can be displayed separately by clicking the corresponding button. The different series of music-making Christmas angels can easily be filtered regarding manufacturer and size. Whether you are looking for angels with red or blue wings which are typical for Uhlig, or the white-golden angel orchestra of Christian Ulbricht: by clicking in the appropriate category, you can quickly and easily see just the items you like. The very popular cooking and baking angels of Christian Ulbricht or the KWO angel orchestra have their own sections, as well. Under "Miscellaneous" you can also find Christmas tree ornaments with angels, other angel motifs or cloud platforms.

German Christmas Angels - Winged miniatures from the Erzgebirge

Christmas Angels have a long tradition in the Erzgebirge. Since the beginning of the 20th Century they are an integral part of the Erzgebirge craftsmanship. In the Christian faith, angels have always had an important meaning. In the Christmas story an angel announces to the Virgin Mary that she would become the mother of Jesus the Saviour. A choir of Angels then sings the hymn "Gloria in excelsis Deo". This may be the main reason why the largest part of the Erzgebirge Christmas Angels consists of Angels that are playing all kinds of instruments.

The symbolism of angels is very extensive: Angels are considered as intermediaries between heaven and earth, they are executors of God’s will and were always regarded as having power over the elements. They symbolize the general reliance on a supernatural, protecting and helping force that warms the heart and gives inner peace and joy. The latter aspect is the most important thing in the small "heavenly messengers" from the Erzgebirge. The cute, usually 6 or 9 cm small angel figurines are designed very naive and childlike. Usually, they are standing on a small wooden pedestal. Painted versions, often in white and gold, predominate over the natural wood-colored Angels. All Erzgebirge Angels are hand-made and elaborately hand-painted with loving care. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that every Christmas Angel is in some ways unique, which also makes them valuable items for collectors.

Suitable decorative accessories for staging your Angel collection are appropriate "clouds": one- or multi-level platforms on which the collector often builds up an entire orchestra, including conductor, organ, music stands and all that goes with it. There are Christmas Angels with all kinds of traditional and classical musical instruments, but also such exotic instruments as maracas, ukulele or didgeridoo are easily mastered by the sweet Erzgebirge Angels.

The workshop of Wendt and Kühn, founded in 1915, has become very popular with the production of Christmas angels in Germany. His angel figures with the characteristic green wings, decorated with white spots, are very famous. But also other well-known manufacturers have dedicated their work intensively and with great creativity to the production of Christmas angels of various kinds. Hubrig angels, Blank angels Ulmik angels and Uhlig angels are really well-known products. Each workshop has developed its own style and a characteristic wing color and shape, on which the expert will immediately recognize the origin. The company Frieder & Andre Uhlig,  active since 1895 (and already in its fourth generation!) can offer more than 450 different Christmas Angels. His Angels come with blue or red wings, which are decorated with golden edges. In addition to the music-making angels there are also sitting or lying models, wearing lanterns, candles or small gifts, and of course we can also offer angel ornaments of various kinds.

Larger manufacturers such as KWO Angels or Christian Ulbricht of course have their own Erzgebirge angel series, too, which are constantly evolving. Newer motives have been created in the series of cooking and baking angels of Christian Ulbricht, which have become very popular collectibles, especially amongst young people. Every year the cute cooking armada is enlarged with new models.

Whether as a single figure or as the beginning of a whole collection: the small celestial messengers from the Erzgebirge are a beautiful and heartfelt gift for special friends or relatives. They bring joy to everyone who knows to appreciate the Erzgebirge craftmanship. Or you may enjoy them simply by yourself.

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