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KUK Holzdesign creates unique figures with recognition value in the heart of Lower Lusatia. Although the company is not located directly in the Erzgebirge, the KUK figures are a homage to the traditional handicraft of the Erzgebirge - and to the 1920s. The spherical bellies of the friendly and always neatly dressed males create a feel-good atmosphere. But who stands behind the popular figures? Two brothers with a common philosophy: to give every single wooden figure cosiness, love and soul.

The young company KUK Holzdesign belongs to the brothers Alexander and Axel Kunzel. With different strengths but the same passion the brothers started on 31.03.2018 with a new figure concept. The first impulse for the foundation of the company happened on 24.12.2017 with a little Christmas present - the wood and form designer and passionate carver Axel Kunze gave his brother a self-designed Singer-Group for Christmas. The small set already showed the typical KUK design language, and soon enjoyed great popularity. The enthusiasm in his family and circle of friends for the charm of the figures led to the founding of a small manufactory. Since then, Axel Kunze has been creating unusual variations of the cozy pear-shaped figures with creativity and fantasy. His brother Alex Kunze is responsible for marketing and sales at KuK Holzdesign GmbH. The unusual figures were soon in great demand, which led to the establishment of a serial production in the village of Schwarzheide. A large part of the production is done by a small team of meanwhile 4 persons in traditional handcraft.

KUK Smokers

The sympathetic KUK smokers with their pear-shaped bodies are a homage to the style of the 1920s and radiate cosiness and calmness through their form and body language. They wear a chic, black top hat and a long jacket - which is of course only half buttoned up so that the spherical belly of the mostly moustached men has enough room to breathe. The assortment offers a wide range of musicians, each with a different instrument. Whether Eduard with the trombone or Johann with the jello - each of the fellows proves to be a likeable roommate in your home. If you want to get a whole group of singers into your living room right away, you should look out for the "Smoker Singer Quartet", which is based on the famous Finsterwald Singers. The singers have opened their mouths ardently and seem to be smashing the 10 stanza of the famous Finsterwalder Singer-Song on the same named singing festival.

Particularly original are types such as the Smoker Georg the Chimney Sweep, who stylishly goes about his work in tailcoat and top hat. At KUK they tell that Georg was recently voted the most elegant chimney sweep in the entire chamber district by the magazine “Du und dein Schornstein” (“You and your chimney sweep”). A little less busy is “Urban Vagrant Bruno” as he stands at the advertising pillar with a pipe in his mouth, newspaper in one hand and a bottle in the other. Bruno knows everybody and everybody knows Bruno. If you take a look past his round belly, you can see that this probably wasn't his first beer today - but he still keeps his posture and his suit, and knows much more about the city's events every day than what is written in the newspaper. Many more figures in the style of the 20s are available in the assortment. Pierrot or even Snowman Fridolin have also been presenting themselves with KUK pear-shaped bellies since 2020. The KUK figures enchant with their cozy, winking elegance and are very suitable as year-round decoration.


The figures of KUK Holzdesign are turned 100% in Germany, and painted and mounted with love by hand. About 100 work steps are required for each individual piece! The attention of the company owners is focused on quality and traditional craftsmanship. That is why KUK Smokers are only produced in small quantities, and are therefore also highly interesting for collectors. The cleverly interpreted 20's design is unique, and the significant body volume of the figures further enhances their high recognition value.

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