Reasons why the Genuine Erzgebirge items are the best choice.

What would Christmas season be without the festive splendour of beautifully decorated rooms and tables? But as Christmas approaches, you will also find many cheap imitations of unknown origin in shops and DIY stores. In many items, it’s quite obvious that only the form was copied, and the main focus was not the craftsmanship and quality of the product. However, there are also optically quite successful imitations. An illuminated machine-lasered candle arch made in China can also be quite nice to look at. So why spend more money and still decide for “Made in Erzgebirge”?

Genuine Erzgebirge Products

We would like to explain a few aspects to you, why it is worthwhile acquiring this traditional German craftsmanship.

  • Safety and environmental protection: With cheap imported items you usually don't learn anything about the origin of the used wood, while the German manufacturers in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) use certified, domestic woods from local forestry. Nor do you know about the quality and harmlessness of the used varnishes and paints, or whether the glue complies with European standards. In the Ore Mountain region, the craftsmen do not only fulfil the legal regulations and requirements for health protection and safety, but many manufacturers go far beyond this and for example only use water-based paints, even if they have a lower covering power and the articles have to be painted or varnished twice. The products should give pleasure and not endanger you, your family or your children.
  • Imitations from unknown origin have also been transported around the world and were produced under non-verifiable working conditions. If a pear breaks down, it is usually not possible to buy a replacement from the Far East, and the once inexpensive candle arch soon becomes a disposable item.
  • If you buy a genuine Erzgebirge product, you can be sure that it mostly was made by hand, following the old traditions, which gives every piece a special charm and value. Christmas is, so to speak, the “feast of feasts”, and the very special feast of joyful expectation. What you put up at Christmas always has a touch of solemnity and preciousness. The awareness of owning an original Erzgebirge product, in which the tradition of many centuries and the culture of this region and its craftsmanship resonate in every single part, really makes such an original product worthy for Christmas. Due to the handicraft and the small production quantities, there may be slight changes in colour, shape and design.
  • The former mining region Erzgebirge belongs as “Montane cultural landscape of global importance” to the world cultural heritage of Unesco.
  • Most crafts workshops in the Erzgebirge are member in the registered “Verband Erzgebirgischer Kunsthandwerker und Spielzeughersteller e.V.” (Association of Ore Mountain art craftsmen and toy manufacturers).
    This Association stands for quality from Erzgebirge and is an organization of people who understand and love their craft. The magazine “Die Kunst zum Leben” (The art for living) which is published by the association, is a reflection of the Erzgebirge wood art today, and its fruitful combination of tradition and innovation.
  • In this context another aspect should be illuminated: “Only an art that always brings up something new can remain alive” is a very appropriate quote on the association's website. The Erzgebirge craftsmanship is indeed an art that is “alive”. It reflects the signs of the times, cares about sustainability and ecological aspects, and knows how to combine the old tradition with a new, contemporary language of form in a wonderful and successful way. “Genuine Erzgebirge” is much more than just the cultivation of customs and the copying of old patterns. The craftsmen and artists from Erzgebirge also skillfully lead their handicrafts into the modern age - with pride, creativity, heart and soul. It is simply wonderful to share a part of this spirit in your home, by purchasing an original product - and not only beautiful at Christmas time.

Why buy genuine Erzgebirge?

Genuine Erzgebirge - Original instead of plagiarism

  • Genuine Erzgebirge - Original instead of plagiarism
  • Highest product quality
  • Best safety standards
  • Ecological production
  • Fair working conditions
  • Genuine handwork
  • Durable & preserving value
  • Classic and modern design

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