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In 2002 company owner Günter Gläser founded the company “Günter Gläser Leuchtenherstellung e.K.” in Deutschneudorf. The objective was to manufacture candle arches and light arches according to the old school and to combine a tradition of decades with modern craftsmanship. To be less dependent on the winter season, a new business idea was also developed in 2012. Günter Gläser and Rene Weinhold created completely new products using wood and fluorescent Plexiglas which is characterised by high brilliance and break resistance, also it’s only half as heavy as glass. The timeless and shapely “Motif Lights” soon found enthusiastic followers.

Weigla Candle Arches and Candle Arch Benches

The traditional Weigla Candle Arches illustrate popular Christmas motifs such as “Gift Giving” or “Winter Wonder Land” but also well-known city views. Weigla Candle Arches are richly decorated and often impress with 3D effects or other loving features: With the motive “Feeding Ground” the deer nibble on real hay. Also the motive “Miner” is represented in a special way: The 10 lamps are framed in the shape of miner's lamps and a real amethyst - symbolizing the found ore - forms the glittering center of the arch! Various motives are optionally equipped with LED lighting.

In addition Weigla Holzkunst also goes very innovative ways in the design of its candle arches and shows traditional Erzgebirge motifs in the unique combination of wood and fluorescent Plexiglas. The glass which appears matt white by day, shines in beautiful, intensive colours when it is illuminated by the LED strip incorporated in the base. This creates the perfect illusion of a night-blue starry sky over motifs such as “Bethlehem”, “Animals of the Forest” or “Santa Claus”. The skilful play with contrasts and dark wood elements against the brighter background achieves fantastic effects both by day and by illumination.

Candle Arch Supports

Suitable Candle Arch Supports are to be acquired in different measures as well as in light as also dark wood.

Weigla Motif Lights

The beautiful frameless motif lights from Weigla show motifs for every season. The unique combination of the traditional material wood with high-quality fluorescent acrylic glass allows a completely new form of design. When the tinted glass which appears matt white during the day is illuminated by the LED strip incorporated in the base, it shines in beautiful, brilliant colours. Motifs such as “Tuscany Sun”, “South Seas” or “Safari” tell their own stories of summer evenings. If you let the motifs light up, you will suddenly hear the chirping of the crickets and you will feel the last rays of sunshine on your skin. The warm red-orange shades create an incomparable atmosphere and awaken a longing for faraway lands. Other motifs show popular cities such as Paris, London or San Francisco, mostly against a night-blue backdrop. Of course there are also Christmas lights with the representation of the Birth of Christ or typical, traditional motifs from the Erzgebirge. Weigla plexiglass lights are eye-catching from both sides and can therefore be placed anywhere in the apartment - not just in the window.

Weigla Window-Pictures

Weigla's Window-Pictures are a decorative element for every window. There are star-shaped motifs for hanging in the window, but also in the shape of a fir tree for placing on the window sill. In the oval opening of the lavishly decorated double tree there is an atmospherically illuminated winter scene. The star motifs obtain their characteristic design through the use of natural wood with applied coloured elements. They show popular motifs like the Church of Seiffen, forest hut or snowman.

Weigla Light Triangles

The Weigla Light Triangles also include objects in traditional design as well as in the unique combination of wood and plexiglass. Besides typical scenes like “Forest Christmas” and “Mountain Chapel”, well-known churches like the “Cologne Cathedral” and the “Church of Our Lady” are part of the Weigla Light Triangles assortment. In front of the brightly lit windows under a starry night sky, the silhouettes of arriving visitors can be seen. That gives the detailed motifs additional liveliness.

Weigla Light Arches - Swedish Style

Classically simple, seven-flame light arches in Swedish style round off the Weigla range. The arches of the series “Trendy Swedish” are made of PEFC™ certified pine wood and 33 cm (13 inches) high. They are available in different colours, so there is a suitable weigle candle arch for every style of living.

Weigla stand for sustainability

The Weigla brand stands for quality, innovation and sustainability. The acrylic glass used is produced in an environmentally friendly manner in certified factories (according to quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001, environmental certificate DIN EN ISO 14001) and is free of heavy metals, asbestos, formaldehyde, CFCs, PCBs and PCTs. The wood used is FSC and PEFC certified to protect the forests. In addition “Günter Gläser Leuchtenherstellung” makes further voluntary contributions to integrated environmental protection.

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