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Gunther Flath "Seiffener Stübelmacher”

An old tradition of Erzgebirge folk art lives on in the small handicraft business "Seiffener Stübelmacher" of the Flath family. “Stübel” is an old, romantic expression which means “little room”. Thus, with a lot of patience and craftsmanship, the "Seiffener Stübelmacher" (little room makers) not only design the special miniature rooms and tiny sceneries in matchboxes, but also extended their assortment with wood chip trees or colourful Easter eggs and bells for spring time.

After passing his master's examination in 1975 Gunter Flath decided to make his trade his profession and named his small workshop "Seiffener Stübelmacher" according to the products manufactured there. With great passion for the folk art of the Erzgebirge and the traditions of his home region, he has entirely dedicated himself to the design and creation of his fine miniatures. His two daughters Christina and Cornelia also began to work in the family business in 1999 and 2002. Both successfully completed their training as master woodturners and master wood toy makers. Daughter Cornelia is still active in the family business today.

The small miniature rooms made by Seiffener Stübelmacher show the former life and work of past generations. The special feature of these atmospheric miniature worlds is the immersion in a nostalgic world of the former Erzgebirge which lovingly expresses its peculiarities: the many times barren life, but also the romantic sides and playfulness of this region. Every year at least one newly developed miniature representation is added to the range.

Seiffener Stübelmacher Miniature Rooms

If you buy one of Gunter Flath's Miniature Rooms, you will receive a lot of loving handwork in a very small space. The enchanting little boxes show the Erzgebirge everyday life of the past on 1.6 x 2.4 x 4.3 inches. With a great wealth of ideas and attention to detail the old times are brought back to life in a romantic way. Behind the full counter of the “Small Corner Shop” a busy saleswoman is waiting for her customers, surrounded by baskets full of food as well as small barrels with straw and milk. In the "Birthday Parlor", a family is just about ready to cut the birthday cake at the festively laid table - on the sideboard charmingly wrapped presents are already waiting. The “Nativity” Miniature Room, where the Three Wise Men and a shepherd with his cattle have already gathered, to reverently admire the little Baby Jesus.

Displays for Stübelmacher Miniature Rooms

For collectors the Seiffener Stübelmacher have suitable racks for the presentation of the miniature rooms. Four rooms fit on each of the three steps of the racks - further rooms can be placed in front of the lowest step, so a whole miniature world can be built up step by step.


Those who love even smaller things will be enthusiastic about Gunter Flath's Matchboxes - tiny marvels that conjure up small scenarios such as a wedding, a nursery or a ceremony in the village church as well as Christ’s birth in the smallest of spaces. A classic, nostalgic matchbox is both the frame and the attractive packaging for the small scenarios of 1.5 x 2.1 x 0.6 inches. In the funny boxes you can almost find every scene you want - from apple harvest to Frog King or beach holidays.


The handicraft business "Seiffener Stübelmacher" manages to capture the modest everyday life of the Erzgebirge in small boxes and matchboxes with a lot of charm and attention to detail. The Miniature Rooms are artfully decorated with a sure feeling for mood and a great creativity. With his small miniature “Stübels”, Gunther Flath brings a piece of nostalgia back into the living rooms of the present.

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