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The handicraft of Eva Beyer is rich in contemporary figures and year-round motifs. The female and male Smokers, who were brought to life in Seiffen, are in their detailed design a pleasure to look at. The original motifs, such as foresters, lumberjacks, shepherds and toy makers, originated from everyday village life. Today, there are no limits to the variety of different types of Smokers from practically every sphere of life.

A woman for Smokers

Eva Beyer, who is a trained industrial clerk, felt inspired by the work of her father, who worked for years as a designer and product designer. Manfred Preißler had often taken his daughter to the workshop at home to test figures and shapes together with her. In this way she acquired knowledge about the theory of proportion and a variety of techniques. She began to produce her own sketches and drawings of Smokers, and soon the first prototypes were created. In 2006 Eva Beyer finally built up her own company - with rapidly growing success. Eva Beyer works in her manufactory in Seiffen, together with six hard-working employees dedicated to the production of the smart smoking figures. Nowadays, more than 70 different motifs are created.

Smokers by Eva Beyer

For almost every job description you will find a suitable figure designed by Eva Beyer. The assortment contains not only traditional motives, but also figures of modern everyday life. In addition, the manufactory does a lot to increase the “women's quota” among the male Smokers. Thus, many professions are finally represented by women. The palette ranges from chiropodist to chemist to firefighter. Many members of the healthcare service are represented and still further motifs are in planning. The smoking figure “Midwife” weighs a baby in a fluffy purple romper suit in her arm, beaming with joy. Her stethoscope is still hanging out of her coat pocket and at her feet lies a ready to use doctor's case. She smokes from an opening in her coat. In bright orange warning color, the Smoker “Emergency Doctor” is giving an instruction by phone, while already swinging the backpack on his shoulder. The Smoker “Holzmichl”, on the other hand, sits comfortably on the pile of wood with a mug of tea and a sandwich, next to him an axe in the tree trunk and in his mouth - of course - a pipe. No matter if retiree, magician or distiller - in this assortment everyone will find his own favorite figure.


Eva Beyer's craftsmanship stands for high-quality processing, attention to detail and a great sympathy for the motifs depicted. Besides, there is the irrepressible impetus to develop new figures. Different woods from the Ore Mountain region are used for the production of the smokers, for example spruce, lime, ash, beech and maple wood, which enables the craftswoman to use the best characteristics of the material in each case. In addition, a technology patented by Eva Beyer guarantees that the head of the Smokers does not glow hot after burning and can be touched without hesitation.

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