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Jürgen Huss Räucherkerzen

The workshops of Huss are situated in the romantic village Sehmatal-Neudorf, near the Czech border, about 20 km away from the district town Annaberg-Buchholz.. The densely forested region is nestled between the highest elevation in Saxony, the Fichtelberg (1215m) and the somewhat smaller mountains "Bärenstein" "Scheibenberg" and "Pöhlberg". In this traditional holiday resort, in the middle of the Nature Park Erzgebirge/Vogtland, you’ll often sense and see the steam engine of the historic train “Fichtelbergbahn”. More about “steam” and smoke you may find in the incense cone manufactory and workshops of Jürgen Huß. "Neidorfer Weihrichkarzle" - the regional expression for incense cones - are well-known in many places, and their emblem, "Is Karzl" (little cone), has become the protagonist of numerous small cartoons and videos in which he fights more or less successfully with the rigors of the world, never losing his gentleness.

Jürgen Huß's grandfather and father had already devoted themselves to the production of incense candles since the 1930s. After temporary closures, the passionate inventor and trained mechanical engineer Jürgen Huß reopened the company "Huss Räucherkerzen" at the beginning of the 90s and keeps leading it successfully into the future. The company's recipe for success is down-to-earthness and a sense of tradition combined with numerous innovative ideas and, last but not least, a very special sense of humour.

Huss incense cones

Producing particularly fine incense candles from natural raw materials which are as original as possible and yet have "that certain something" is Jürgen Huß's declared guiding principle. The smoking cones from the series "Die Feinen - The delicate ones" - recognizable by their characteristic, black, pyramid-shaped packaging - are made of especially selected natural fragrances and die away almost smoke-free due to the special recipe. The variants of the series “Huss authentic Neudorf” incense cones also produce less smoke and are discreet in fragrance. They are made exclusively from charcoal and natural fragrances.

The packing of the series “Neudorf incense cones” show funny and diligent dwarfs, who are busy producing the incense cones inside. These cones are manufactured with selected nature-identical scents. Because of their wood flour content, they smoke more intensively and exude a stronger fragrance. Unusual scent variants like “steam locomotive” or “engine scent”, both in meaningful black packaging, also smoke intensively. Last but not least special innovations such as the Huss smoking candles "the ones with a hole" burn out safely due to less heat development.

Huss metal smoking stoves

Many, many hours of fiddling and developing have given birth to the unique smoking stoves and ovens made of metal, all devised by mechanical engineer Jürgen Huss himself.

In addition to the "classic" stove first produced in 1994, which is available in many different colours, Jürgen Huss has meanwhile developed various other atmospheric stoves, like the Nordic wood-burning stove with sleeping cat, the cosy round bath stove or the rustic workshop stove. Everyone can find their favourite here. A variant of the "classic" stove is the original Neudorfer “Incense Cones- and Scented Oil Stove”, in which both incense cones can be burned, or, by means of a tea light in the inside, scented oils can be exhaled. The glow of the tea light inside the stove is visible through slits in the oven door, which also radiates the cozy atmosphere of a real stove.

Finally, the large, nostalgic kitchen stove enchants with its numerous lovingly designed details as well as its sophisticated functions: Smoking cones can be burned, a cup kept warm and smoking resin heated. Even your own lighter is included.

Jürgen Huß is not satisfied with creating atmospheric images and decorating them with many details... Even the decorative elements are often more than just decoration. The ash box serves for the admission of remainders of incense cones, the coal box of the kitchen stove can be used for accessories such as matches, etc.. The sweeper plate can be used to collect ash in the workshop oven.


The company "Huss Räucherkerzen" offers particularly fine incense candles made from natural raw materials. The long tradition of this "black" craft is Huss’ maxim and guiding principle. In the ÖKO-TEST magazine issue 12/2002 the "Christmas scent" of the company Huss was evaluated with very good and with best price-performance. In addition, the original metal smoking ovens delight with their ingenuity and numerous beautiful details.

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