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Drechslerei Volkmar Wagner

In addition to classic Christmas decorations, Drechslerei (woodturnery) Volkmar Wagner is best known for its playful snowman figurines. In the small town of Hainichen between Dresden and Chemnitz, the very big world of little snowmen was created. In 1983 Volkmar Wagner started a new hobby: in his cellar and kitchen, equipped with a drilling machine and a small woodturning book, he gained his first experiences. The work with wood inspired him so much and his turned figures made of maple wood became so popular that some years later he started an apprenticeship in the art of woodturning and soon was able to produce his "Männel" (small men) in his own workshop. In 1993 the first Wagner snowmen were designed. Later, other products such as pyramids and Advent candle holders were added to the range. But especially the success of the funny snowmen, made the assortment grow quickly. The desire to combine the old turning tradition with contemporary motifs and design continues to this day. Up to now more than 350 different snowmen are available.

Snowmen by Volkmar Wagner

They have a shining smile in everything they do and are never bored! The Wagner snowmen work in the snow, sell their tiny likenesses in a belly store or can be found ice fishing or curling. Some snow girl motifs also enrich the assortment. Several series such as "Schneemann junior", the Wagner “Snowman Musicians” or the modern "City Kids" invite you to collect, and can be perfectly presented on specially designed platforms.

Volkmar Wagner Snowman Junior

The "Snowman Junior" series delights with ever-cheerful smiling figures and cute pom-pom hats. The little, natural wood-colored guys experience their adventures in the snow on every conceivable vehicle, whether in a sitting, standing or lying position. In the ski school, on the racing sled or upside down as freestyle snowboarders, they love to be in full swing. Sweet gift ideas are also the snowman junior with gingerbread heart or the little snowman hidden in a wooden barrel.

Volkmar Wagner snowman musicians

This is where the music plays! The white glazed Wagner snowman musicians wear top hats and form a whole snowman combo with all kinds of different instruments and fervent singers. They play accordion, drums or bass trumpet as well as the piano or the pan pipes. As a perfect backdrop for collectors, we recommend adding the conductor with music stands and a Musician Base Plate to stylishly stage the orchestra.

Volkmar Wagner City Kids

The youth of the snowmen like it casually. Whether with headphones around their necks or boomboxes to their ears, these cool fellows take it easy. City Kid Jayson" gives you a cheeky wink and a thumbs up with his skateboard under his arm, upturned cap and stylish shoes. "City Kid Stella" seems to have had a successful shopping trip with her three bags, while "City Kid Lennart" is really proud of his solved Rubik's Cube. The bold color accents of the clothing underline the modern image of the snowman youth of today.

Volkmar Wagner Christmas Pyramids and Advent candle holder

Volkmar Wagner's funny snowmen can also be found playing on Christmas pyramids and Advent candlesticks. On the 1-tier pyramid "Snowmen in the forest" the little fellows are observing animals, which have made themselves comfortable on the branches of the tree that turns in the center. The Advent candle holder is also equipped with a beautifully turned fir tree, at whose feet the small snowmen eagerly feed rabbits. Both the pyramid and the candle holder Are glazed in warm wood tones so that the natural grain of the wood is beautifully displayed and underlines the careful craftsmanship. The red carrot noses of the snowmen add colorful accents.

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