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Birthdays, weddings, Mother's Day, Easter, baptisms, Valentine's Day - the year is full of celebrations and occasions to celebrate. A small gift to express one's gratitude or love for a certain person should not be neglected. But with so many celebrations around the year, it's not so easy to come up with a new idea every time. We take you by the hand and present you our most beautiful, original and loving gift ideas from the Ore Mountains.

With the small decorative pieces you can give a gift to family members, friends, work colleagues or your favorite person. Our gift ideas are sorted by special occasions, so that the search for the perfect gift is made easier for you. In addition, a themed attention does not seem simply indiscriminate and will particularly please the recipient. The handmade productions of the Ore Mountains manufacturers make your gift high quality and leave a good feeling because of the sustainable production. The gift ideas form a cross-section of all decorations of our assortment, which are particularly suitable as a small gift or souvenir and fit in their design form to the appropriate occasions as well as festivities.

With the Erzgebirge-Palace voucher cards you save yourself the agony of choice and can let the person to be presented choose a decoration from our assortment himself. The value of the gift cards is between 25 euros and 250 euros. With our gift ideas you will find a beautiful decoration for every budget.

Special occasions

Some events are very special and take place only once in a lifetime. These undoubtedly include birth and christening or the very first day of school. Days like these have a deep meaning, not only for the persons concerned, but also for the relatives. Since such early solemn occasions in our lives cannot be remembered, it is a beautiful thing to be reminded of this event that took place by an imperishable decorative object.

Then there are also occasions when one does not necessarily expect any attention at all and the joy is all the greater when a small surprise is presented to a close person. This includes, for example, the retirement of a relative or the move of a good friend into his new home.

Festivals & Celebrations

Throughout the year, there are always reasons to celebrate and therefore to give gifts. Our gift ideas are themed for celebrations such as birthdays, Easter, Halloween and anniversary celebrations. A birthday child of any age is sure to be delighted by the "Number Angels" or will be delighted by the droll "Cool Man Money Transporter", which may have a bill or two waiting for them. Or how about one of the handmade works of art in the shape of bride and groom as a small addition to a wedding gift?

Companies also regularly buy from our Erzgebirge Palace to give their employees a small gift for the Christmas party.

Luck & Love

The lucky charms from the Ore Mountains are a sweet gift for all those who are facing an important exam. These are days that we look forward to with excitement, and overcoming them brings a joyful feeling: school enrollment, the seahorse badge in swimming class, the upcoming high school graduation, the driving test marked by excitement, a long-awaited trip around the world, an important job interview and the first day of work in the new company. Lucky charms such as guardian angels, chimney sweeps, lucky pigs, pixies and other figures with encouraging messages give the examinee joy and motivation.

In order to celebrate love and bring joy to the people close to your heart, you don't really need a specific occasion. Giving a decoration of the category "Matter of the heart" is a loving gesture to show our appreciation to a loved one. Here you will find mainly red hearts woven into different decorations and carried by cute figures in their hands. Especially for Valentine's Day, we have picked out the most loving decorations for couples in another category.

For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is in honor of the person who gave us life and loves us unconditionally from the first breath. You can't go wrong with flowers and chocolates, but this gift isn't exactly brimming with creativity. If you really want to surprise your mother, giving her a loving wooden work of art from the Ore Mountains will certainly put a smile on her face. The enchanting "flower children" from Hubrig are an excellent Mother's Day gift with their outstanding blossoms and fairytale-like design.

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