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Exklusive insights from the HoDreWa Legler workshop

Olbernhau, about 10km west of Seiffen, is often called the city of the seven valleys. Like many other places in the beautiful Erzgebirge, this historic town has been shaped by mining, toy making and other handicrafts from the ore mountain region. A highlight of the city is the indoor and outdoor museum "Saigerhütte" in Olbernhau-Grünthal - a worldwide unique complex of historical facilities and impressive testimony of the ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy from the year 1537.

The Rothental district is not far from the idyllic Natzschung river. The hiking trails along the Natzschung offer fantastic views of extensive forest areas and rugged rock formations. Rothental is also home to the workshops of HoDreWa - wood and wood turning Jan Legler, which was founded in 1990 by his father Dieter Legler. The handicrafts workshop has since been dedicated with great success to the production of traditional wood craftsmanship. HoDreWa nutcrackers, incense smokers and christmas pyramids are appreciated by collectors and lovers for their quality and originality. Since 2018 Dieter Legler's son Jan Legler has continued the company, now named HoDreWa- Holz- und Drechslerwaren (Wood and turnery products) Jan Legler, and preserving the traditional designs and quality.

HoDreWa Nutcrackers

The first nutcrackers are said to have been offered at the Striezelmarkt in Dresden around 250 years ago at Christmas time. Since then they have not only been an integral part of the Christmas tradition in the Erzgebirge, but have also become one of the most typical symbols of German craftsmanship in large parts of the world. The little horseman nutcracker in the company logo stands for the great sense of tradition of the HoDreWa company. In Erzgebirgepalace we offer a selection of beautifully painted kings, soldiers or miners. Also the mentioned little horseman on the white rocking horse should not be missing. The "little riders" from the Erzgebirge are a historical speciality: in the thirties of the last century this figure became a collector's item. The Winterhilfswerk, a charity association founded in 1933, had commissioned the toy manufacturers to produce a winter badge, which was sold at events and fundraising campaigns, with the proceeds going to families in need to alleviate poverty. The toy manufacturer Max Korb from Olbernhau chose the little horseman soldier on a white horse as a special motif in 1935. Even today, HoDreWa's little horseman are made according to the historical model.

By the way:
As a sign that you have purchased an "Original HoDreWa Nutcracker", there is a small rider with a rocking horse under the pedestal. In the Erzgebirge-Palast you will of course only receive original HoDreWa items!

HoDreWa Christmas Pyramids

In an Erzgebirge chronicle from 1716, the typical Erzgebirge Christmas pyramids are already mentioned and described so precisely that one might think that time has stood still since then. The most popular motif was the presentation of the Christmas story. Of course, the HoDreWa Christmas pyramids also depict variations of Christ's birth. But also many other sceneries are skillfully illustrated. Christmas pyramids from the HoDreWa-Legler workshops are characterized by modern, rounded shapes and their special fan wheels, decorated in various ways such as die-cut starlets, snowflakes or other patterns. Last but not least the skillful colouring contributes to a harmonious overall design.

HoDreWa Incense Smokers

The Erzgebirge Christmas season is simply unthinkable without the scent of incense cones. Of course, their perfume dies away most beautifully in a traditional smoker. In the Erzgebirge-Palace we offer a selection of traditional miner motives of HoDreWa in splendid uniforms and decorated with numerous beautiful details. Figures like the magnificently decorated senior miner proudly present their uniforms, pipes, ore bowls and picks. If you like it a bit more comfortable, you will surely like the motifs of the grandparents at the tiled stove or on the sofa. While the socks warm up on the edge of the tiled stove, grandpa smokes his pipe and grandma knits. The little cat at her feet also makes herself comfortable. Now the smell of an incense cone inside the stove, and we’re well prepared for the winter to come...

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