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Shopping Guide Spare Bulbs

This guide applies to 220/230 V arches only!

Here's how to find the right bulbs for your candle arch:

Bulbs with screw base

All screw based bulbs are equipped with an E10 socket. Bulbs are available with different voltage. To determine the correct voltage for your arch you have to gather how many bulbs are on your arch.

For most candle arches you can find this information on a sticker on the bottom. If there's a sticker the correct voltage is printed onto this, too. If you candle arch has no sticker you have to count the bulbs yourself. Keep in mind that there might be bulbs inside your arch that are not easily spotable. Once you know how many bulbs your arch has you can use the following table to get the matching bulbs.

Candle count Spare bulb Product link
15 or 1616 VoltRippled bulb
Small shaft bulb
10 or 1123 VoltRippled bulb
734 VoltRippled bulb
548 VoltRippled bulb

LED bulbs with screw base

For both the rippled bulbs and the small shaft bulbs LED replacements are available. They are long lasting and consume up to 95% less power than conventional bulbs. However there is also on disadvantage when it comes to LED: You habe to replace all bulbs, you cannot mix them with conventional bulbs.

In contrary to conventional bulbs the candle count is not important. That's why LED replacements are suitable for all candle arches.

LED comparison: left conventional, right LED

Pictured left a candle arch with conventional bulbs, pictured right the same arch with LED (click to zoom).

Candle count Spare bulb Product link
anyLEDLED Rippled bulb clear
LED Rippled bulb opal
LED Small shaft bulb

Bulbs with plug base

The large candle arches by Michael Müller are equiped with so called pisello lamps that feature a plug base. There's a sticker on the bottom of your arch with the information how many bulbs are needed.

The pisello lamps we carry are for the latest generation candle arches by Michael Müller. They also fit RATAGS arches without LED. Please keep in mind that pisello lamps are not standardized, so if you have an older model or an arch by another workshop we can not garantuee that the bulbs will fit, even if both volt and watts match.

Pisello lamps for Michael Müller and RATAFS candle arches

LED bulbs with plug base

RATAGS arches come with LED Pan head bulbs with a plug base. The product we offer in our shop is suitable for arches with both 10 and 20 LED.

Please keep in mind that the plug base is not standardized, so if you have an arch by another workshop we can not garantuee that the bulbs will fit, even if both volt and watts match.

The LED blubs with plug base are also not suitable for older RATAGS arches that still have filament bulbs!

LED Pan head bulbs for RATAGS candle arches

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