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Ebersbacher candle factory GmbH

Ebersbach-Neugersdorf, often referred to as "Spreequellstadt", (source of the river Spree) is located in the southern Upper Lusatian highlands between Bautzen and Zittau - not far from Görlitz which is famous for its well-preserved historical center. The Ebersbacher Kerzenfabrik has been producing candles of the highest quality in this idyllic small town since 1949. The company can look back on an eventful history: Under the name "Gottwald und Co" the small private company began with the production of candles. At that time candles were still urgently needed as light sources, but decorative candles were also produced.

In the course of the years the assortment and turnover could be constantly increased. At the time of the GDR the company was integrated into the then largest GDR candle factory "VEB Wittol Wittenberg. So they became part of the "Kerzenfabrik Ebersbach". In 1989 more than 400 workers were employed in this federation. After the political changes in 1989 the company was privatized. The "Ebersbacher Wachswaren GmbH" was acquired in 1992 by three employees of the former company.

In 2007 the company was taken over by the Austrian candle company Drauch from Styria. Under the present name of "Ebersbacher Kerzenfabrik GmbH" the company is now one of the three parts of the JEKA Group, along with the Gothaer Kerzenfabrik and the parent company in Austria whose logo adorns the packaging.

The brilliancy of candlelight

Candles have always played a special role in people's lives, and even if they are no longer needed as lighting, they have lost none of their fascination. Candles are a perfect symbol of light and warmth. Even in times of LED lights of all kinds nothing can compete with the radiation of a real, warm glowing flame. The small ritual of lighting, the scent and last but not least the liveliness of the light create a special overall atmosphere which cannot be replaced by electric lights. Candle-powered Christmas Pyramids and Candle Arches equipped with real candles are thus still sold successfully. They brighten up the dark winter and are particularly important at Christmas time. Candlelight has a soothing effect and creates a calming mood which offers a welcome balance to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

JEKA Ebersbacher candles at Erzgebirgepalace

Candle-operated Christmas pyramids and Candle arches equipped with real candles are still a bestseller at Christmas time. A candle-operated pyramid exudes a particularly festive atmosphere. For the smooth operation of the pyramids a good and stable heat development is the most important prerequisite which is why we have decided on the traditional products of JEKA/Ebersbacher Kerzenfabrik.

The most common candle sizes are pyramid candles with a diameter of 1.4 cm, but 1.7 cm and 2 cm for large pyramids are also available (0,55, 0,66 and 0,79 inches). Ebersbacher pyramid candles are available in the classic colours red, white and honey. Smaller candles for figurines and other miniatures with a diameter of 0.7 or 1 cm (0,28, 0,39 inches) and some high-quality pillar and table candles complete the assortment. Of course the practical tea lights should not be missing. Many Christmas pyramids can be operated today alternatively with candles or tealights. In both cases the crucial factor is the good and stable heat. The “Premium Tea lights” for Christmas pyramids” of the Ebersbacher candle factory guarantee by their particularly large flame a long burning time and stable heat supply, so your pyramid will turn smoothly without stopping.

The Jeka/Ebersbacher product range is complemented by some scented candles in glasses decorated with printed motifs matching the scent. The scented candles with different perfumes such as "baked apple" or "Raphael's secret" have a burning time of about 30 hours.


Buying candles is a matter of knowledge and trust. Ebersbacher candles are produced to the highest quality standards. The decades of experience of the Ebersbacher candle manufacturers are put to full use in the development of the various types of candles. Of course only high-quality raw materials are used which, in combination with careful processing, guarantee a safe and long-lasting product.

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