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Lighted Houses

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Lighted houses

The beautiful, glowing decorations have a long tradition, as the first Lichterhäuser (lighted houses) were crafted in the Ore Mountain region in the 18th century. Half-timbered houses, little rooms, churches, stalls, and other dwellings are made to be lifelike with many intricate details on their insides. Most of the motifs can be used as year-round decorations, although there are also some designs in our assortment specifically made for the Christmas season.

Lighted houses as Light Triangles

A special variation of the Lighted houses is the Gable Triangle - Toy Maker by Müller Kleinkunst. A toy maker and his wife are working in the glow of electric candles, even late into the night. The elongated pointed gable, with three electric candles mounted on each side, plays in a sophisticated way with the shape of traditional light triangles and at the same time forms the quaint workshop of the couple. In traditional roles, he stands at the lathe while his wife assembles the finished parts. A little kitten has comfortably settled at her feet.

Half-timbered houses and rooms

In the lovingly designed half-timbered houses by RATAGS, you can see grandfather decorating for Christmas. Advent candleholders and a wooden Schwibbogen (candle arch) are already arranged in the family home, giving us an impression of a typical Erzgebirge Christmas room. The curtains on the windows create a cozy atmosphere.

The half-timbered style of the Bakery also creates a comfortable ambiance with its gentle lighting. This down-to-earth, traditional style of building fits perfectly with the traditional way of life in the Ore Mountains. Together, they bake delicious Christmas cookies in the bakery, while the little dog waits outside next to a garden bench and a birdhouse, anticipating the first snow.

The roofs of RATAGS lighted houses are available not only in the regular triangular form, but also in an asymmetric design with an extended side. They are painted in unobtrusive anthracite and natural brown tones, complementing the colors of the half-timbered construction excellently. The energy-saving LED lighting creates a pleasant lighting atmosphere with glare-free installation, making you want to step inside one of the small houses right away.

Motive Lights as Diorama

The small illuminated dioramas by Michael Müller are adorned with beautiful fretwork and small figures, framed by fir trees. The setup is reminiscent of an Ore Mountain candle arch, but the dioramas are built with multiple levels in the framing. The rows of arches create a three-dimensional effect, making the scene almost tangible for the viewer.

The motive lights contain scenes such as an idyllic wildlife feeding, a festive castle Christmas, or a lively Seiffen market. On the outermost arch, another decorative piece is placed, coordinated with the motif inside. An LED strip provides long-lasting and environmentally friendly lighting.

Why a Lighted House invites you to step in

Since the 18th century, lighted houses have been adorning their larger counterparts in the Ore Mountains. Even today, you can still find the lovingly prepared little lighted houses and rooms in many homes. The long-standing presence of this decoration comes from its contemplative effect, which gains even more significance in our increasingly hectic world.

  1. Filigree details: The many delicate wooden details invite us with our eyes into a seemingly foreign but yet familiar dwelling, intensified by the romantic lighting. For example, a lady in the Christmas booth is surrounded by graceful fretwork such as Schwibbögen, window decorations, Advent candleholders, and other ornaments for the Advent season. The sight of the many small decorations automatically captivates us!
  2. Coziness: In contrast to the often flashy and loud impulses of our environment, a lighted house offers us a moment of tranquility and relaxation. They represent a form of coziness that many desire. The detailed design of the different rooms also allows us to immerse ourselves as unseen guests in another scene and enjoy the moment for ourselves. 3.
  3. Modern and traditional: Both modern enthusiasts and lovers of the classical will find satisfaction. The lighted houses by RATAGS are characterized by their half-timbered construction and the design of the rooms, representing a traditional style. The motive lights by manufacturer Michael Müller have a modern touch due to their curved structure, which, however, fits into a classic interior style thanks to the typical motifs of the decorations. The illuminated houses and motive lights are a beautiful alternative to traditional candle arches from the Ore Mountains.
  4. Atmospheric LED lighting: The warm-white variation of LED lights gives the interior decoration of the lighted houses a natural look. Besides the pleasant effect of LED lighting, it also has a functional and ecological impact. Due to their longevity, LED lights do not need to be replaced as often as conventional electronic lighting. Moreover, LEDs are recyclable and, thanks to their low power consumption, represent a more environmentally friendly option.

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Show 1 to 9 (of in total 9 products)
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