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Erzgebirge Window-Triangles

Wooden Window-Triangles from the Ore Mountains showcase intricate craftsmanship manifesting in unique shapes and designs. Presented not only in the popular triangular design, but also embodying forms like fir trees and arches, these motifs serve as a graceful, audacious, and meticulously crafted spectacle, rendering the illuminated window-triangles a striking visual delight.

The artistic craftsmanship is shown in the different designs of the wooden light triangles. Our collection of these beautiful, illuminated window decorations features creations from top Ore Mountain manufacturers such as Saico, Weigla, Taulin, Müller and Richard Glässer which are not only renowned for their exquisite, illuminated window adornments.

Our assortment of window triangles caters to all budgets. We offer a vast selection from cost-effective light triangles to more luxurious options. To facilitate a seamless shopping experience, we provide a search feature allowing you to sort the triangles by price in either ascending or descending order.

The window triangles are also offered in various dimensions. You can choose from heights ranging from 5.91 inches to 23,6 inches, and we even have XXL light tops that measure 27,6 inches in height. The specific measurements are always provided in the product description. Additionally, many of the light triangles are equipped with eco-friendly LED lights, which, in case if, are mentioned in the descriptions of the decorations.

Oe Mountain Window Triangles

The inside of the window triangles shows a scenic motif that is meticulously crafted by skilled craftsmen through precise sawing and woodworking techniques. Intricate woodwork adorns the interior, connecting numerous details to form stunning landscape motifs.

The famous and special church of Seiffen holds great significance for the craftsmen of the Ore Mountains, and as a result, each of our manufacturers of triangle light and candle arches has chosen to feature this local motif. However, the presentation of the Seiffen church varies among the different manufacturers.

  • For instance, at RATAGS, the church is positioned at the bottom of a lantern top that is shaped like a Christmas tree. This creates an impressive scene where the Christmas tree, adorned with candles and ornaments, stands prominently over the church. The fir branches are covered in a layer of hoarfrost, and the figures in the foreground are warmly dressed, establishing a Christmassy winter landscape around the Seiffen church.
  • On the other hand, manufacturer Weigla has opted to showcase the Seiffen church in an oval arch beneath LED lights, illuminating the motif's starry sky. Weigla's unique, colored sky designs, made of fluorescent Plexiglas®, coupled with the warm and magical glow of the LED light strips, create a captivating atmosphere. To further enhance the devotional ambiance, the foreground of this piece showcases carolers and churchgoers.

Motifs of all kinds

Other popular motifs include the traditional Ore Mountain miner, forest Christmas with animals, Santa Claus on his sleigh, and nativity scenes. The fine saw work of the Erzgebirge manufacturers can be seen in the triangular, oval or fir tree shaped light tops in village, urban and natural landscapes.

The modern light tops from Müller Kleinkunst are simpler in shape and design. They focus on the brightly painted, moving figures at the bottom of the light top. Typical motifs such as a nativity scene or a cute trio of Easter bunnies are ideal for highlighting the upcoming holiday season. The frame for these LED-illuminated window triangles is an asymmetrical triangle that is slightly open at the top.

Weigla also offers light tops with city motifs that truly stand out. The LED lights illuminate iconic landmarks such as the Cologne Cathedral, the Dresden Frauenkirche, and the Moritzburg Castle. These city motifs are set against a fluorescent Plexiglas surface, with stars engraved in the glass shimmering in the oval shape of the top. It's a truly enchanting sight!

Light Triangle Fir Tree

The distinctive visual characteristics of the light arches are displayed in their most festive and Christmas-like form in certain examples. Some light triangles are intricately carved to resemble a fir tree, with red ornaments, shimmering stars, icy frost, and candles adorning the pine branches of the light tops, creating a complete Christmas scene.

Genuine little fir tree ornaments are placed in open curves on the wood, giving the light triangles the joyful appearance of a genuine Christmas tree. Additionally, each motif is accompanied by a poinsettia attached to the top of the tree.

Light Triangles without decoration

Want to decorate your personal window triangle yourself" You can create your own creative designs with an unadorned triangle from Richard Glässer or a more modern frame from Müller Kleinkunst. The empty top can be decorated with several small figures and other elements of your choice.

To enhance the empty window triangle by Glässer, it is recommended to purchase an additional shelf, which can be used to drape miniatures and other decorative elements. Have a look at our assortment of figures and miniatures.

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