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Christmas Pyramids "Fluglichter (Flying Lights)"

A new era of Christmas pyramids has begun! The modern design of Schalling Woodturning creates hanging and floating pyramids in a never-before-seen form. The pyramids, named NOVA in the "Fluglichter (Flying Lights)" series, can be hung from the ceiling as timeless illuminated decorations or placed on a flat surface, enchanting the entire room with their elegant aesthetics and a magnificent play of light and shadow. Among the exceptional color combinations, every buyer will find the perfect version for his home.

Modern Form & Timeless Elegance

The term "Fluglichter" originates from the rotating candle ring with six candles, which seems to be floating in the air. The name refers to a distinct product line of Schalling Woodturning, which has been a registered trademark since 2010. Among these special wooden art pieces, the NOVA (the name is derived from Latin, meaning "new") pyramids stand out with their refined color scheme and downward-sloping pyramid wings, which elegantly interact with similarly curved inner and outer arches of the pyramid body. The light and shadow play created by the candle ring produces magical light reflections in the surrounding space. A glass ball floats in the center and can be individually decorated through an oval opening according to personal taste or the season.

The emphasis of these floating pyramids is on the simple, modern and especially elegant form that sets them apart from the traditional Christmas pyramid. The timelessly asthetic design of the NOVA pyramids appeals to all age groups and captivates younger customers as a timeless and high-quality home decoration. In 2011, the manufacturer Schalling received the coveted "Tradition & Form" award from the Association of Ore Mountain Artisans and Toy Manufacturers for the "NOVA" series.

NOVA Hanging Pyramids

The hanging pyramids NOVA can be mounted at different heights on the ceiling using one of the three included wooden rods. A maple-colored or anthracite-colored frame is combined with the curved pyramid wings and candle holders in ruby red, orange, or moss green, which creates a beaufiful contrast. The structure of the material is not covered by the stain, revealing the artists' respect for the raw material of wood.

NOVA pyramids are not limited to a single season like traditional Christmas pyramids but can become a permanent part of your home decor. Schalling hanging pyramids have a size of 13 inches. The high-quality candles from JEKA (44.52_96) are perfect for your hanging pyramid.

Nova Floating Pyramids

Another version of the NOVA pyramids by Schalling can be placed on a flat surface to create a pleasant spectacle of light and shadow. The curved wooden wings hold the candle ring, which silently begins to rotate in the warmth of the candlelight. The glass ball hanging in the middle of the pyramid can be decorated with a tealight, a Christmas figure, or according to the season.

The NOVA floating pyramids are available in three different color combinations. The contrasting design of the pyramids is achieved by using dark and colored stains that effectively highlight the natural wood structures during the manufacturing process. The floating pyramids from the Flight Lights series are eye-catching not only in winter but also throughout the year, serving as a fantastic room decoration. For the 15 inches high 1 tier NOVA pyramids by Schalling, we also recommend the high-quality candles from the JEKA brand (44.52_96).

Schalling Woodturning

Since 1904, the family-owned company Schalling Woodturning from Seiffen has been creating classics of Erzgebirge folk art through traditional craftsmanship. Since 2012, Thomas Schalling, a trained wooden toy maker and master woodturner, has been leading the company of his great-grandfather, combining old techniques of craftsmanship with modern forms and vibrant colors in his work. The NOVA collection is the highlight of Schalling Woodturning's product range for many customers, but there are also other artistic decorations available. Window pictures, table candle holders, and small table vases in an elegant design language can be found as well.

In addition, the manufacturer also designs music boxes and amusing, innovative Christmas pyramids, on which even penguins find their appropriate place. The modern creations of Schalling Woodturning, like all our Erzgebirge decorative items, are made with love and high-quality craftsmanship.

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