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Thermic Pyramids

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Thermic pyramids

It doesn't always have to be the large Christmas pyramid with candles. Delicate tree ornaments or miniature Christmas pyramids in the form of thermic pyramids are eye-catching despite their small size. Our thermic pyramids focus on Christmas motifs, but there are also some designs for Easter. Thermic pyramids from the Ore Mountains are a wonderful and affordable alternative to large Christmas pyramids, and they make great little gifts.

How do thermic pyramids work"

Thermic pyramids move all by themselves, without candles. But there's no magic involved, just the simple principle that warm air rises! The thermic pyramid needs to be placed above a heat source so that the integrated fan wheel can rotate. The wheel is attached to an axis, with the pyramid plate also connected through this axis. As the warm air rises, the wheel starts to turn, causing the pyramid plate to rotate as well.

You can place your 1-level thermic pyramids on a tiled stove or a windowsill above a heater. Even underfloor heating can set the thermic pyramid in motion. As delicate ornaments on the Christmas tree, the small thermic pyramids rotate due to the rising heat from the tree candles.

Christmas tree decorations

The workshop Kreißl is known for their fretwork and creative decoration ideas in miniature format. Even with their wooden tree ornaments, they achieve something big in a small way. The thermic pyramid is cleverly incorporated into the extremely delicate fir tree decoration, adding a movable highlight to the Christmas tree.

At the center of the tree ornament is the axis surrounded by a fir tree. It is crowned by a small wheel and surrounded by fantastic fretwork. The intricate decorations feature detailed ornaments, branches, ice crystals, stars, and other artistic wooden shapes. Colorful accents are subtly applied, predominantly in Christmas tones such as red and green.

Nostalgic motifs from the Ore Mountains, such as miners, angels, sky riders, smoking men, and little horsemen, are delicately attached to the rotating plate or frame the thermic pyramid from multiple sides. The pyramids in the Christmas tree decorations rotate at the slightest breeze and can also be hung in the room as a decorative element without a Christmas tree.

1-tier thermic pyramid

Unlike the large Christmas pyramids, a 1-tier thermic pyramid can be placed on narrower surfaces. The cute, only 4 inches high thermic pyramids from Richard Glässer have a simple and appealing appearance. The natural-colored arch above the rotating plate is adorned with motifs that match the scene, such as golden stars or red flowers. The pyramid plates feature adorable figures like kittens, lantern children, a Santa Claus with a gift sled, or rabbits searching for carrots. These figures are painted in colorful hues.

Due to their affordable price, our high-quality thermic pyramids are purchased by a multitude of customers with unwavering enthusiasm. Especially children will be fascinated when the colorful scene starts to rotate as if by magic.

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