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Pyramids Ulmik

The small spa town of Seiffen is the center of Erzgebirge folk art, where the Ulmik company is also located. Ulmik's pyramids focus especially on combining Erzgebirge craftsmanship with modern concepts. The design ideas of manufacturers like Ulmik ensure that new life is breathed into the traditional craft again and again, and that the Erzgebirge art form thus does not die out. With Ulmik's advanced "modern line" product line, the focus has been on innovative designs.

Through hard work, Ulmik has created a wide range of products from an initial few looping angels, whose products bear the clear signature of the manufacturer. In addition to pyramids are also the ULMIK crib, incense smokers, candle arches and various figures in the assortment of the inventive manufacturer from the Erzgebirge.

Pyramids with modern design

Modern design can be found especially in the pyramids of Ulmik. The two-tone graduated impellers have become the trademark of the manufacturer. The use of bright colors gives Ulmik's creations an aura of liveliness and playfulness, despite their modern form. The single-story pyramids often consist of two half-arches, the shape of which is reminiscent of a shooting star. Other pyramids from Ulmik, in turn, play with triangular shapes and natural wood colors. Even quite traditional motifs are not neglected in the modern development: the little rider in the one-story pyramid will delight many an old-time Erzgebirge lover.

Since 2009 there is the product line "modern line" from Ulmik, which focuses especially on novel designs. Ulmik's "modern line" edition includes the four-story Nativity pyramid. The black and white Christmas pyramid tells the story of the Holy Night on four levels - an old tale meets a novel design form. The color-graded impeller features black and white leaves, giving the decoration its modern look. To match, the figures are in a light shade, while the pyramid's base frame, platforms and candlesticks are in black. Additional white bars on the framework once again emphasize the modern design of the Christmas pyramid. The black and white color scheme makes the decorative piece look not just modern, but chic and tasteful at the same time. Despite the color coating, the Ulmik pyramid retains a natural touch, as the glaze allows the grain of the spruce wood to remain recognizable.

We can warmly recommend the quality candles from JEKA for lighting the pyramids.

Sustainable production

The topic of forests and sustainability is close to Ulmik's heart. Ulmik uses only local woods for the production of its products, each of which has its own characteristics. The figures are mainly made of spruce, maple and lime wood. Spruce has a particularly strong grain, which makes the wood look more expressive. Decorations with a light natural tone are made of maple wood, while figurines made of lime show a certain softness and are easy to work with.

Ulmik works only with German wood suppliers who can prove a PEFC certificate. These include the Heidrich sawmill from Deutschneudorf and the Kurtz sawmill from the Odenwald region.

Quality of Ulmik products

The Ulmik company from Seiffen was founded in October 1990 with the decision to create a link between traditional Erzgebirge craftsmanship and new innovative designs. For more than 30 years, Ulmik's craftsmen have been working to meet the demand for the highest quality and loving craftsmanship in their products. The trademark "Echt Erzgebirge - Holzkunst mit Herz" ("Genuine Ore Mountains - Wood Art with Heart") with the image of the little horseman on Ulmik products verifies their membership in the Ore Mountains Craftsmen's Association. This certification ensures that the manufacturing of the products takes place in the German part of the Erzgebirge and that the products meet a high quality standard according to the standard of Erzgebirge wood art. The handmade productions of the association members must be distributed and sold according to their value. Anyone can see Ulmik's craftsmanship for themselves in the manufacturer's workshop. Here, visitors are shown every step of the process, from wood storage to packaging, so they can also look over the shoulders of the woodturners, painters and gluers.

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Show 1 to 6 (of in total 6 products)
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