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Santa Claus

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Smokers Santa Clauses

Smokers representing Santa Clauses in many variations are a delightful decoration from the Ore Mountains for adults as well as for children's eyes. Available in different shapes and sizes, wooden Santas with colorfully wrapped gifts and a Christmas scent from their pipes will bring joy and atmosphere to the holiday season. Another important figure, which should not be missing in Advent, is the Santa Claus smoker with a mitre and bishop's staff, in various styles.

Different shapes

Wooden Ore Mountains Santa Clauses are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

    The round "ball figurines" from Seiffener Volkskunst make a playful impression and also look quite casual when dressed as Santa Claus and riding on a movable base through the area. After work, the ball smoker Santa Clauses might even go skiing or relax in the pool wearing glasses.

    In contrast to the round body shape of the ball incense smokers, the "Shabby Chic" incense smokers have a more dynamic shape. The slender, elongated body of the Shabby Chic's from KWO stand 15.75 inches tall and creates a characteristic vintage effect with softly faded color tones, which is particularly suitable for a modern interior style.

    The cozy gnome Santa Clauses from Ulbricht, on the other hand, are plushy and adorned with real fabric, presenting their abundant gifts with a lovable smile.

    The adorable "Sunny Snail" smoker and the playful "Rudi Worm" smoker not only have a cheerful smile on their faces but also bring a load of gifts to your living room on their snail shell and under their long worm-like arms.

    A smokehouse with a Santa Claus pulling his fully loaded sleigh is available in both colored and natural finishes, as well as a DIY kit.

Santa Claus in color and natural finish

The classic Santa Claus smoker is painted in color by the craftsmen of the Ore Mountains. The dominant color for these figures is the typical Santa Claus red. The long beard of the old man and the fluffy Santa hat with a white pompom are essential features. The joyful appearance of the Santa Claus is enhanced by the colorful gifts, either on a wooden sleigh or in a jute sack. Sometimes, Santa Claus even brings a beautifully decorated fir tree - what a service!

Natural-finished Santa Clauses and Christmas gnomes with smoking function are made by the manufacturer Christian Ulbricht. The light and dark wood tones give the smoker figures a natural look, and even without the classic red color, the Santa Clauses are immediately recognizable with their many offerings and characteristic Santa Claus hats. Some of the Ulbricht wooden figures look beyond the ordinary with a round, metallic eyeglass frame. Take a closer look: even a moose has disguised itself as Santa Claus and sneaked into the assortment.

Smokers Santa Claus

Saint Nicholas is also represented in our assortment, for the relief of children without the punishing Knecht Ruprecht. The ball smoker figures are particularly cute specimens of St. Nicholas, because the round, red-hatted little fellows do not simply walk through the villages of the Ore Mountains. With sunglasses on their faces and wooden sledges, speedy "Trabant" cars or fast motorcycles, the ball smokers drive from house to house.

The smoker Nicholas with Christ Child from the KWO series "The Bearded" is with high miter, the long crosier and a white beard unmistakably the bishop from Myra. The golden decorations on the red robe of the holy man give the figure a magnificent appearance. The Christ Child with angel wings and golden crown is just filling a small cart full of gifts, in which a lantern is also transported for his way in the darkness.

Christmas scents

Smokers are as much a part of Christmas decorations as a fragrance in the air that creates a homey Advent atmosphere. The incense cones from our Erzgebirgepalace provide various scents for this feeling, allowing us to slip from the everyday state of mind into a contemplative mood. The Rothenburg Christmas scents and Christmas blends from Knox as well as scent nuances such as baked apple, incense, myrrh or fir scent contribute their part. The smell of gingerbread, cinnamon and roasted almonds transports us between the stalls of a Christmas market, where occasionally a "real" Santa Claus might also pass by.

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Show 1 to 50 (of in total 68 products)
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