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Edge stool from KWO

Are you looking for an original smoking manikin? Then you will definitely love the edge stools from KWO. A traditional Erzgebirge decorative figure meets a new, previously untypical posture for smoking men.

The KWO edge stools prefer to sit on the edges of shelves or other pieces of furniture, where they can simply let their legs hang. The sitting fellows on your furniture make a room not only decorative, but also really cosy.

The KWO smoking men edge stools are just like their upright friends worked out with great attention to detail. The selection of different smoking man edge stools is large and versatile. Miner, forester, fireman, bird lover, bride and groom, angler and many other edge stools let their feet dangle in our assortment.

Edge stool smoking man

The edge stools from KWO are designed with detailed precision. Thus, already at first sight, it is clearly recognisable which activity the sitting smoking manikin might be performing. The smoking edge stools are dressed in a colourful way by the painting of the wood and provided with the accessories that are characteristic for them.

The smoking manikin Professor with a graduate's hat on his bright little head and a globe and pointer in his hands, is just teaching a lesson in geography in a stern tone.

Despite its beer mug and bubbling head, the smoking manikin Wanderer is also easy to spot. Wearing traditional leather hiking gear and shouldering his rucksack, the little wanderer enjoys the view from his ledge after a long walk.

Most of the KWO edge stools are between 14cm and 18cm tall. But even if you are looking for a big edge stool, you will find it here. The Smoking Man Father Christmas or Smoking Man Mountain Man take up a little more space on the edge with their 26cm.

KWO Three Wise Men

Especially popular are the KWO edge stools Holy Three Kings. The majestically enthroned smoking men Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar are just the right decoration for a contemplative Christmas time.

A long beard and a golden crown on the head let the observer quickly conclude the origin of the Three Wise Men. Of course, the Magi do not come to the Christ Child without gifts. KWO has equipped its incense smokers with incense, gold and myrrh in their hands, true to history.

The Magi edge stools are not available as a set in our assortment, but can be purchased individually. This means that you can easily replace a lost or broken king.

Seating options for edge stools

If you don't want to put your edge stool on a shelf, you can also give it its own special decorative element. These include benches, armchairs and decorative frames, specially modelled for KWO edge stools. Stable, secure and a perfect fit, your edge stools can take a seat on the wooden seating.

The cosy looking benches and armchairs for the KWO edge stools fit perfectly to the smoking companions due to their wooden tone. The decorative frames are available in natural colours as well as glazed white. The seats are suitable for all sizes of KWO edge stools.

The seats are not included in the scope of delivery, but can be added to the purchase under "Accessories" for the individual products.

Company KWO

The company Kunstgewerbe-Werkstätte Olbernhau GmbH has dedicated itself to the mission of bringing together tradition and modernity in Erzgebirge arts and crafts. With worldwide success, this innovative mix is reflected in KWO's wide range of products. In addition to the iconic edge stools, other smoking men, nutcrackers, pyramids, candle arches and angels are also produced in the KWO workshop.

The work of KWO's skilled craftsmen has won many prizes, such as the "German Toy Design Prize", the "Federal Product Design Prize" and the "Tradition & Form" award.

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Show 1 to 50 (of in total 53 products)
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