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Small Smoking Man Ulbricht Mini Gnome

Small but mighty! The Miniwichtel by Christian Ulbricht make an impression with their size. The handcrafted mini gnomes fit into every home and with their 12-17 cm feel comfortable on the table in the cosy living room as well as on the window sill at home.

Of course, the mini gnomes from Ulbricht are only made according to traditional craftsmanship in the Erzgebirge. The little incense smokers are also very popular among collectors. The mini jerks from Ulbricht are often only available in limited editions and are therefore considered real collector's items.

You can view discontinued models and rarities of mini gnomes on the official Ulbricht website. Maybe we still have one or the other product for you in our assortment.

Mini Gnomes by Christian Ulbricht

The miniatures turned from wood are produced with high quality standards in the toy village Seiffen. Mostly the mini gnomes are kept in pleasant wood tones; only a few stand out from the assortment with a mixture of bright colours. Just like their somewhat larger gnome friends, the mini gnomes always carry an accessory that is peculiar to them.

Manufacturer Ulbricht always tries to bring new models of mini gnomes to life in his workshop every year. Especially popular are not only the Miniwichtel novelties, but also classic models like the "Mushroom Picker", "Night Watchman" or the "Grandma" walking in the woods.

Popular Smoking Man Mini Gnomes

What could express the love for the Erzgebirge and its traditional craft better than the mini gnomes with the professions "toy merchant" and "candle arch maker" While the toymaker presents a full hawker's tray with wooden toys, his Miniwichtel colleague holds candle arches and tools in his hands. The two incense smokers by Ulbricht almost seem like a homage to a craft that is rarely practised anymore.

Mini gnomes for Easter

We also offer a nice selection of Ulbricht mini gnomes for the Easter season. The "Bunny with carrot", the "Bunny ABC shooter" and various bunnies with egg baskets or a paintbrush in their hands ring in the Easter season successfully. The spoon ears sticking out in a light wooden tone and the somewhat shaggy hair are the distinguishing features of the Miniwichtel Easter bunnies.

Novelties Miniwichtel

Special editions and novelties of the Ulbricht Miniwichtel can be admired in our assortment every year. These exclusive models are an excellent addition to an already acquired flock of Miniwichtel from the manufacturer. The limited edition mini gnome novelties from Ulbricht make collectors' hearts beat faster!

Novelties are specially marked in our assortment so that you don't have to search long. Give your Miniwichtel a home as soon as possible, because Ulbricht's novelties sell out quickly every year.

Mini Gnome Candle Arch for Collectors

A very special candle arch comes from the house "Kunsthandwerk am Stern" by Celine Lubojanski. This "collector's candle arch" without figures is specially designed for the miniature elves by Ulbricht and thus gives the smoking men a suitable home. The candle arch is available in the size 70x46 cm and offers space for 10 mini gnomes. Seven of your favourite gnomes can be placed on specially arranged shelves, three more fit in the middle of the candle arch.

Base for candle arch mini gnomes

Together with the candle arch you can also buy the "Base for Collector's Candle Arch Mini Gnomes". The 70 cm wide base highlights the small incense smokers in their candle arch even more. Since the base is delivered without figures, you can give free rein to your decoration ideas.

About Christian Ulbricht

In 1928, Christian Ulbricht's father laid the foundation for today's company "Christian Ulbricht GmbH" in Seiffen with the company "Otto Ulbricht - Werkstätten für feine Holzarbeiten und Spielwaren". Ulbricht's handicrafts have long been an established name in the Ore Mountains and with his "Nutcracker House" have also become known beyond.

Ulbricht not only makes miniature gnomes, but is also dedicated to products such as Christmas pyramids, nutcrackers, smoking men, miniatures and angels. Ulbricht gained special attention especially for his unique pixies and nutcrackers.

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