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Incense Smokers Professions

The Ore Mountain manufacturers are full of creativity and imagination when it comes to designing smokers in various professions. In respectable uniforms, colorful overalls or with exciting goods in their hands, the wooden figures show us what they do for a living. Through an array of versatile smoking men, smoking owls, smoking snails, and smoking worms, hailing from diverse fields, the genuine passion for craftsmanship in each workshop shines brightly.

Typical Ore Mountain professions

There are some motifs that are inextricably linked to the Ore Mountains through history and tradition. So it is not surprising that a wealth of traditional professions can be found in the smokers of the Ore Mountain manufacturers. From the iconic historical miner to the ever-watchful "forester" and "night watchman" depicted in various renditions, these are undoubtedly among the most recognizable. The popular Christmas pastry made of yeast fine dough and lots of butter, probably originating from Dresden, comes from the smoker "Stollen baker", who, judging by his girth, also likes to enjoy his creation himself. Centuries of Ore Mountain ingenuity are represented by the cute "toy maker" figures, depicted in manifold variations, as well as the time-honored tradition of "mushroom hunters" combing the local forests.

Merchants of Trade

This is where the stuff is sold. The trader smokers from the Ore Mountains remind us of times when cloth merchants, toy merchants, crib merchants, candle arch merchants, gingerbread merchants, wine merchants, porcelain merchants, Christmas tree merchants, bird merchants and many other enterprising merchants roamed the streets to earn their living. A particular gem, the "Arts and Crafts Merchant" by the Findeisen brand, harks back to ancestral roots. Rather than a static shop, this itinerant merchant carries a tray brimming with wooden adornments, perpetuating a vibrant tradition of trade on the move.

Artistic crafts

In the production of artistic smokers, the craftsmen of the Ore Mountains transfer their own wealth of ideas to their products. Poems are written with glowing pens, brushes are painted on canvases, electric guitars are rocked out and rabbits are pulled out of top hats. Poets, painters, rockers, magicians, etc. line the shelves of the workshops here, embodying in their own way the same creativity as required to make these smoker figures. Even snowflakes, depicted in Kuhnert's designs, dare to wield brushes despite the icy chill. Witness the "Artist", beret-clad and holding a Mona Lisa masterpiece, evoking shades of a new-age Leonardo da Vinci.


A smoker is not too fine to work as a construction worker in various fields. Bricklayers, plumbers, roofers, and construction overseers wield their tools with a sense of earnest duty. But they don't take it too seriously. With pipes in their mouths, the men look like they are taking a break from their work. Nevertheless, you should be happy to be able to afford a craftsman like the "Chimney Sweep" with chimney broom, ladder and four-leaf clover, because the little man in the parlor is certainly a delightful alternative to his real-world, roof-climbing counterpart.

Agricultural professions

Among the Ore Mountain smokers bearing agricultural professions, the quintessential farmer takes center stage. Next to farmers with pitchforks, sun hats and seeds, the "Organic Farmer" waits patiently at his stand with a fresh selection of regional vegetables, free-range eggs and two pots of milk for his customers - a testament to sustainable living. The forester in a variety of designs, forest workers and wine growers are a nice decoration especially for those who appreciate working in nature. The timeless profession of the shepherd, which is also available in our assortment in different variations is harmoniously celebrating the alliance between nature and industry.

Other smoking man professions

As you can see, Ore Mountain smokers unfold a kaleidoscope of professions, embracing educators, hairdressers, politicians, bakers, nurses, clergy, professors, waitstaff, and even policemen. Welcoming a dose of humor, the "Traffic Light Smoker Olaf" introduces political satire into the mix, inviting real-life political luminaries into your home. Smokers who can no longer do their job as conscientiously as they used to, such as the "Drunken Captain", who holds on to the lamppost with a bottle of rum, will also make you smile.

Gender Equality

The world of incense smokers has also become more emancipated, introducing industrious smoker women to complement their male counterparts. Whether a couple thriving in the same profession or simply a thoughtful gift idea, some figures are available in both male and female versions. From teachers and confectioners to postal workers and more, this broadens the spectrum of representation and provides heartwarming choices for partners.

In sum, the incense smokers from the Ore Mountains transcend mere decorations; they encapsulate the vibrant tapestry of professions and traditions, weaving a rich narrative that connects the past with the present and delights both collectors and enthusiasts.

Show 51 to 100 (of in total 473 products)

Show 51 to 100 (of in total 473 products)
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